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  1. DemonGT

    Run without key?

    If your Bronco is running and you get out with the key, how long will it run without it?
  2. DemonGT

    Robins Egg Blue touch up paint yet?

    Is Ford selling the robins egg blue touch up paint yet?
  3. DemonGT

    FordPass after selling/trading?

    If i trade in my bronco, how do they keep me from lock/unlock or starting the car with ford pass?
  4. DemonGT

    Media source

    I use a USB drive for music but whenever i start the vehicle it defaults to the radio? Is there a way to keep it on USB?
  5. DemonGT

    CD player?

    Iv seen some people say there BS has no cd player. Do you get a CD player with the B/O stereo?
  6. DemonGT

    Eruption Green 2023 Bronco Sport first look

    Eruption Green 2023 Bronco Sport
  7. DemonGT

    Why no cooled seats option?

    You can get cooled sests in a Mustang or F150, been wondering why its not a option on the BS?
  8. DemonGT

    Hot pepper with gray roof

    Looking for pics to see what the hot pepper with the gray roof looks like. For those that have it what is your opinion on it seeing it in person? Is it metallic?
  9. DemonGT

    Cargo mat

    In the order guide they have a cargo mat for 130 and one down below for 150? Whats the diff?
  10. DemonGT

    Door and center trim easily removable?

    The trim on the doors and in the center of dash that is colored, is it easily removable and does anyone make a vinyl decal kit to cover/change them?
  11. DemonGT

    Badland headlights?

    What is different with the Badland headlights vs the other models? Just LED? or do they actually look different?
  12. DemonGT

    2023MY info?

    Anyone know when 2023 info will be released? Colors specifically.
  13. DemonGT

    Seat backs?

    We decided on a outer banks and i noticed on the build site it says they come standard with the rubberized second row seat backs. This is what i want but after looking at some online iv come across some that do not have the rubberized seat backs? Are they suppose to have this? I dont see...
  14. DemonGT

    B/O stereo

    Is there any way to know if a bronco has the BO stereo by looks? Or just window sticker? Like a emblem?
  15. DemonGT

    Pet carrier

    On the 2021 order guide there was a pet carrier option that was collapsible. Anyone have one?
  16. DemonGT

    Order Timeline

    What is the wait time for a new order? Iv been told 3-5 months up to 13 months.