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  1. jofer

    Big Bronco Wildtrak vs. Bronco Sport Badlands off-road shootout (driving sports TV)

    Well worth a watch! Despite the obvious mismatch, it's a very interesting review. (And yeah, that's a heritage limited, but "badlands" is shorter for the title.)
  2. jofer

    Colorado Fairing Co Wind Fairing + Yakima Platform Mounting on Bronco Sport

    Wind noise is a very real drawback to having a roof platform or large crossbars. I need the extra storage (and ability to haul long things like surf rods or 2x4s), so I was always going to have a platform. However, I'd been less than thrilled by the amount of extra wind noise, especially when...
  3. jofer

    Lifted Big Bend Bronco Sport goes through TFL's off-road testing course

    Nice to see some reviews/testing of non-badlands trims! That sport looks good with a lift, too. The course starts about 7 minutes in, but the discussion beforehand is well with listening to.
  4. jofer

    TrailMilitia: Stock Bronco Sport vs Modified Crosstrek Offroad Comparison

    The folks over at TrailMilitia just released a nice comparison of a modified Crosstrek vs a stock badlands on some relatively tough trails. Lots of wheels in the air, at any rate. Well worth a watch:
  5. jofer

    New HRG extreme off-road climb video. With his mom, this time!

    I haven't even gotten a chance to watch it yet, but everything from HRG has been downright impressive so far, and I'm sure this will be too!
  6. jofer

    One year, 13k mile review

    I realized recently that we got our BS a year ago now! I figured it was time for a bit of a review. In short, we've had absolutely zero issues, and we still love it. It's our only car, so it needs to be able to do a fairly large mix of different things, and it fills that role better than...
  7. jofer

    (Long) Trip Report: Big Bend National Park

    We (@Waiting_In_TX and I) recently spent several days camping and doing some trail riding out in Big Bend National Park. I haven't seen too many mentions of folks taking sports out there, so I thought there might be interest in a detailed write-up, as Big Bend is relatively popular, and one of...
  8. jofer

    Christmas Mountains Trail, TX

    This isn't much of a trip report because I didn't take many pictures, but we're out in the Big Bend area doing backcountry trails in Big Bend like Black Gap, Old Ore Rd, etc in a few days. As a precursor, today we did the Christmas Mountains Trail just outside the park. It's an old mining trail...
  9. jofer

    235/65/17 Fits in Spare Compartment

    So this is probably not a surprise, but I couldn't find anything confirming it before I bought the 5th tire: A 235/65/r17 spare fits in the compartment aired up and on the rim. It also doesn't lift up the cover/cargo floor any further (assuming you're already using the upper setting for the...
  10. jofer

    Old tech vs new tech - 1998 Explorer vs Bronco Sport Badlands

    The Honda Rescue Garage channel just posted a really neat offroad video pitting the badlands against a modified 1998 Explorer. The "$500 vs $500/month" title is a bit clickbaity, but the video's really well done and there are some pretty darn cool bits to watch. The nice thing about it is...
  11. jofer

    Trip Report: Bronco Sport in the Deep Soft Sands of Lost Highway 87 (SE TX)

    Yesterday I went from High Island up to Sea Rim State Park along "lost hwy 87" (about 20mi of very isolated beach/sand/mud driving). Definitely a fun trip! It's rather desolate and can be a bit strange at times. Lots of decaying oil infrastructure and odd things washed up with absolutely no one...
  12. jofer

    Motortrend comparison between Outback Wilderness, Rav4 TRD, Sport, and unlimited Wrangler

    Motortrend just published a rather interesting review that compared the Rav4 TRD, the Outback Wilderness Edition, the Bronco Sport Badlands, and a relatively base (unlimited sport) Wrangler, of all things. It's well worth a read...
  13. jofer

    Installing front license plate holder

    This may be a bit of a silly thing to post, but hopefully it helps someone. For whatever reason, my dealer didn't install the front license plate holder, even though I live in a state where they're required. They told me it was just a matter of drilling a few holes and screwing it in and I...
  14. jofer

    A sport takes some damage...

    Came across this video today. Warning: may make you wince a bit! If you go to just after he hits the hole, there's thankfully not much damage. Looks like the tow hook caught the worst of it. Regardless, this is why I'm really hoping to see an aftermarket bash plate for the front! Also, the...