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  1. AmazingSieve

    How do the stock ATRs do in the snow? (Yes its a hot day in August, I know)

    I am moving back to Colorado, and its just what that state needs, another Californian....tbf though I got my undergrad degree there and lived there for quite a while before moving away for various reasons. And I'm preparing for the move. I was wondering, how do the stock tires do in the snow...
  2. AmazingSieve

    Have you used Trail Control?

    I tried it once just for funsies on a random section of fire road just to see how it works and thought, it’s on my car I might as well try it out at some point. I was surprised at how much noise it made tbh. Kinda grunts and grinds down the hill. And I came away thinking this could be useful...
  3. AmazingSieve

    Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there.

    May your New Balance walking shoes forever be crisp, your lawn tight, and your beer cold.
  4. AmazingSieve

    Took my Badlands on the trails and found its limits (...unintentionally)

    A family friend has a Big Bronco Badlands Sasquatch and offered to take us out on some nearby trails. I thought hey that'd be fun. The intention was to take me on some moderate trails while they lead. What I didn't really know was that this person has never been on this trail before and that...
  5. AmazingSieve

    Where have you taken your Bronco Sport?

    I have the opportunity next week to really see what this rig can do. I'm meeting up with a family friend who has a Big Bronco and is a true off-road enthusiast. He's done notorious trails like King of Hammers etc. Since he knows what he's doing he'll pick out the trail and I'm hoping we go some...
  6. AmazingSieve

    Can someone explain the differences between the BroncoSports AWD and the Subaru's?

    This is more of a general question but its something I don't quite understand and would like to. I know the Fords engages quicker, thats been shown on numerous youtube videos, I also know the Subaru relies more on brake vectoring I think. I'm also certain the CVT in the Subaru doesn't do its AWD...
  7. AmazingSieve

    My experiences with my 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands after 1 year and 11,100 miles

    (TL;DR: I like the car, just wish the seats were longer) This is my first new car and I've always had family hand me downs before this (Chevy S10, Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Silverado 1500, Volvo V70) and it would be my only car. I was looking for something in this class to go fly fishing with and be...
  8. AmazingSieve

    Trip Report: San Diego to Montana and back with two large dogs.

    My family had been eyeing up a fishing trip to Montana for some time and last Sunday we finally started our journey up there. I would be driving my car, which the dogs would be riding in, and my dad would be driving his F150 which would be carrying the gear, him and my twin brother. We decided...
  9. AmazingSieve

    I gotta be honest after 6mo and over 5,000mi I still love my little bronco.

    It’s just smartly designed, attractive and does everything I need. I also see some of the more insecure threads in here but I’m typing this from my garage chilling in my car and just admiring it. It has its faults sure, but doesn’t everything? For what I needed and wanted this just fit the bill...
  10. AmazingSieve

    App measured 0-60 times?

    I did it today just for the fun of it. Stretch of road was slightly uphill, I rolled on the gas, turn at the end, 95 degrees out…how many more excuses can I find….still managed a decent time. And I know it’s not a race car still fun to try it out though.
  11. AmazingSieve

    2022 BroncoSport vs 2021 Jeep Compass Limited: My Shootout and Comparison

    So I'm back in Colorado and coincidentally the rental car agency gave me a 2021 Jeep Compass Limited. Pleasant little upgrade, better than the car I thought I was going to get and it gives me a nice chance to review a Bronco Rival. Verdict: I'll start with the end and say the winner of this...
  12. AmazingSieve

    My 4,958.4mi update of '22 Badlands w/ Premium Package

    So quick update and review. I ordered the car late November, got it in March and quickly, after 500mi had it in some dirt. After that its been your average mall crawler grocery getter and dog car. I'll be going up to Montana in a month so hopefully I'll be able to use it some more up there but...
  13. AmazingSieve

    Will the BroncoSport ever have subscription services?

    As some may know BMW is making news for all the wrong reasons this week, notably because of their monthly subscription services to activate features on their cars that were already built into the cars but the car owner must purchase via monthly subscription to be unlock and use them. Features...
  14. AmazingSieve

    Do you use autostart?

    I'm considering it. AAA estimate it can save between 3%-7% on gas, which means, according to my crappy math, that using it would extend a tank of gas like what 20 miles maybe and thats roughly a gallon of gas in my car and thats like what $7? Looks like Edmunds puts that number closer to 10%...
  15. AmazingSieve

    How much could you increase swing arm and underbody clearance?

    I was thinking, the limiting factor with the Badlands, the one thing I’d really change, is how much clearance it has. With mods, like tires and wheels, how much could you increase it? For me this is a long term project I might consider because I simply don’t have the cash right now, that said...
  16. AmazingSieve

    Big thump when rolling a stop sign with autohold on.

    I was just about back to my place and rolling through the neighborhood when, after doing a notorious California roll I guess, I heard and felt this massive thump by the rear diff. It was almost as if autohold was trying to engage but wasn’t allowed to by the forward movement of the car. It...
  17. AmazingSieve

    Two Month, 2500 Mile Badlands Review as Everything Vehicle (Daily, Fishing, Dog)

    Background: I'm in my mid 30s and my previous cars were a stock standard Jeep Wrangler in the early 2000s. After that I drove a 1999 Silverado 1500 LT till it fell apart then after that a Volvo V70. I also frequently drive my dads Audi SQ5. After I sold the V70 when leaving Minnesota and moving...
  18. AmazingSieve

    BroncoSport Dogs

    Hank enjoying the afternoon ride
  19. AmazingSieve

    BroncoSports with a roof basket or other roof accessory, what’s your mpg?

    I have about 1,700mi on the car now and have a roof basket and I’m not getting the mpg I thought I would, not even close. Im getting like 18mpg in the city.
  20. AmazingSieve

    What’s your favorite thing about your BroncoSport?

    I drove mine nearly 400mi one way to go on a fishing trip and not only was it great on the highway, when I got in the trails it crushed those too. I also like the baby rover looks of it as well the handling and controls. I maintain my criticisms of the ordering process, that said, the car is...