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  1. Mark S.

    What is everyone wanting to see under the Christmas tree this year?

    Yeah, but for how long? I've spent at least eight winters in North Dakota. After retiring from the USAF I moved to the St Louis area. I was in the gym one chilly November morning listening to two dudes lament the cold. The forecast highs for that day were to be in the mid 20s. One of the two...
  2. Mark S.

    Radio preset stations questions

    Page 358 in my Owner's Manual (2021 MY):
  3. Mark S.

    Heritage Limited Logo

    I know, right?
  4. Mark S.

    Engine noise - any ideas what this could be 😭

    Can you be more specific? This sounds like a normal engine to me.
  5. Mark S.

    Heritage Limited Logo

    Click the Ford logo and then select "Start Conversation."
  6. Mark S.

    Ford Sync showing small on touchscreen

    If you have a properly configured USB drive with SYNC loaded installation is automatic--you do not need to interact with the screen. Whether or not you get the appropriate notifications is another story, but you might try connecting a configured USB drive to your car at the beginning of a...
  7. Mark S.

    Deterring mice from the BS (nesting on cabin air filter)

    You need to get medieval: Mount the mouse heads on spikes and leave in plain view.
  8. Mark S.

    Near redline at WOT - highway merge

    Regarding damage, @BravoAlpha is correct. The powertrain control module (PCM--computer that controls the engine) constantly monitors environmental factors and engine sensor data. When you make a maximum power demand (put the accelerator pedal on the floor) the PCM delivers the maximum power...
  9. Mark S.

    Body work

    Yes, a body shop can repair that. Flatten the metal around the hole, install a doubler on the inside, then mount a new antenna to cover the ragged hole. You'll have to be very careful about sealing around the new antenna to prevent water intrusion.
  10. Mark S.

    Update on my 2021 OB after battery and non start issues

    Definitely time to trade. I wouldn't own a car I didn't trust.
  11. Mark S.

    20mm wheel spacers installed
  12. Mark S.

    Electrical Battery problems blank screen

    I'm with Roger and Dave: Either the tech didn't properly reconnect the battery, or they failed to reset the BMS.
  13. Mark S.

    2024 Badlands - question on tires...

    Here's an informative Motor Trend review of the Scorpion ATR.
  14. Mark S.

    Too Much Time on my Hands

    Originality is rare in a world of nearly 8 billion living people with some 120 billion who've lived throughout history.
  15. Mark S.

    Deer collision protection for the Bronco Sport.

    I don't believe there is any evidence that deer respond to devices like this.
  16. Mark S.

    Too Much Time on my Hands

    People spend years in broadcast schools learning how to avoid the mental/verbal pauses you describe while speaking for recorded presentations. YouTube has made it possible for anyone with a camera and some free time to record and broadcast themselves to the entire planet. It’s not hard to...
  17. Mark S.

    WOW! RRW, RR5-S & RR5-V Wheel Sale

    Wow indeed!
  18. Mark S.

    What do y’all do to clean your engine bay?
  19. Mark S.

    What do y’all do to clean your engine bay?

    S100 motorcycle cleaner. You spray it on, let it soak, then rinse. Works well for me.
  20. Mark S.

    Transmission fluid pressure switch

    Becky, it’s not possible to diagnose the mechanical issue causing your malfunction based solely on your description of the symptoms, therefore no one here can say with accuracy if repair(s) to fix it will be covered under warranty. The warranty document that came with your car outlines...