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  1. Fuzzbear

    Hood Lift Struts

    Well, that’s rude — I totally understand. I’ve been wanting to get hood struts ever since I got my BS, and when I mentioned that to my brother, he thought it was a silly idea (while also mentioning that all his cars have hood struts as standard equipment).
  2. Fuzzbear

    I cannot stop driving this thing! How about you?

    I hit 27,000 miles on my 2022 Badlands just a little past 22 months. My insurance is going to go up when they find out, so that’s a bummer, but oh well. Wise choice on color — I didn’t think I’d like hot pepper red as much as the rapid red 2021 I had that was totaled, but it’s definitely grown...
  3. Fuzzbear

    Extended Warranty Advice

    I’m guessing you got it just before the laws changed. Go to Flood or Granger’s site now and try to enter info for a quote using California as your state — on Flood, it shows a message saying you can’t and on Granger, California isn’t even an option in the state drop-down. I’d gotten a quote...
  4. Fuzzbear

    Extended Warranty Advice

    What about if you’re in California where you no longer can buy a service plan from a dealer out of state (so Granger isn’t an option)? I was about to get an extended warranty but since I can’t get it through Granger, I’m assuming it’s most definitely not a worthwhile deal, right?
  5. Fuzzbear

    Off Roadeo trip, 3000 miles in 12 days

    I would love to do this, but I'd probably have to go sometime between November and February, and I'm guessing the weather isn't fun then, eh? Where'd you get the pony logo you added to the lift gate? Been wanting one myself.
  6. Fuzzbear

    Manual Case for Owner's Manual?

    My 2021 Badlands had a cover, but my 2022 did not. I asked and was told they stopped doing that. If I'd known that, I'd have taken the cover from the manual in what was left of my totaled 2021 ...
  7. Fuzzbear

    What’s the best repair for small dents and scratches??

    I just found out California residents can’t get an ESP from another state. So sad …
  8. Fuzzbear

    One of the Best Fordpass Features

    My first Bronco Sport was a total loss five months after I bought it. The insurance company sold it at auction as a salvage and the new owner never changed the FordPass registration, so I still check on its location once in a while. I also got the Ford points when they had a repair done at a...
  9. Fuzzbear

    Vanity Tags

    I’ve been wanting to get this one (the retro black plates cost the same whether personalized or sequential), because my dog’s name is Walter. But I hesitate because I don’t know if I want to out myself as one of those weird dog parents. I do also love Disney (my hot pepper red BS is named...
  10. Fuzzbear

    Hood deflector interfering with Pre-collision system

    I have the Aeroskin2 on my 2022 Badlands and haven’t had any issues with the precollision alert system.
  11. Fuzzbear

    Opening the trunk, which's the logic?

    I sometimes lock it by pressing the fob lock button twice and that sounds the horn, giving me reassurance.
  12. Fuzzbear

    Lift Gate Stopped Unlocking

    This issue comes and goes for me. I thought maybe it was related to whether I locked the doors with the key fob vs. touching the door handle top, but there’s no pattern to when the passive unlock works and when it doesn’t. If I unlock it with the fob, that doesn’t always reset it to working...
  13. Fuzzbear

    Cracked windshield

    I did ask the local Ford dealer and got the name of the glass company they use. I’ll give them a call and see if they do OEM glass.
  14. Fuzzbear

    Cracked windshield

    My windshield chip went from a star to a foot-long crack before I even finished driving home (40 minutes) and eventually spread halfway across the windshield — it’s even longer now than this photo shows. I’m in the process of trying to find a place I can trust to replace it with factory glass...
  15. Fuzzbear

    TSB 22-2326 : "Moan Noise in the Rear Brakes When Driven in Reverse in Cold Weather or High Humidity"

    I went to the nearby dealer today to ask about their price for 20,000 mile service (and holy cats, they want a lot for that), and I mentioned the TSB for this issue. The advisor was aware of the noise issue but hadn’t heard of the recommended fix actually solving it. The feeling I got is I’m...
  16. Fuzzbear

    Cracked windshield — get OEM glass?

    After 17K miles and 14 months, the windshield got a chip that is now a dandy crack and I’m wondering if I should make sure to get OEM glass as a replacement. I’ve read here that some feel the factory windshields aren’t good quality, so I’m curious what I should look out for when I get it...
  17. Fuzzbear

    New Bronco Sport with free foghorn. Is there a fix for this. Getting worse at 17000 miles.

    I’ve been debating going to a dealer and having them address this with the TSB info, but seeing some say it got worse makes me nervous. Is it worth taking the chance? Anything I can do to increase the odds the fix works?
  18. Fuzzbear

    Anyone else with a 2023 get a key fob without the lift gate button?

    I sometimes use the liftgate button because it doesn't always respond to just having the fob on me when I try to open the liftgate using the latch.
  19. Fuzzbear

    Ford switching to no-haggle sales on EVs

    There is still a big attraction for a lot of people to wander a lot full of cars and get one without having to wait weeks or months for it to be built. I think we’re a long way from that changing.
  20. Fuzzbear

    Bronco Sport flipping is about to end

    The dealer where I bought both of my Bronco Sports has had a markup of at least $5,000 on all of theirs. When I had to replace my totaled 2021, I placed an order for a 2022 and was told it would be MSRP; when I picked it up, the salesman said, “Wow, you got a great deal” like I’d done something...