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  1. Who’s Good at PhotoShop ???

    A lot of wheel manufacturers have a try it on your car on their website.
  2. No No to da Po-Po

    Tell him you're a Firefighter. Cops need hero's too!
  3. Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics - A Moab trip and ownership summary (Bronco Sport Heritage)

    Awesome trip! It didn't appear that your BS had any issues! Look into some new tires. Great recordkeeping.
  4. Small crack started in drivers side lower corner

    Good luck with that. The Ford bot that chimes in here said theybwould help to get it repaired. No such luck! It was easier to give Safelite the 50 bucks and it was fixed.
  5. Brakes/tires/recalls

    Tires are very upsetting. Rotated mine at every oil change, 5k miles and they wore out evenly at 27k miles. Ford doesn't seem to care about this. I was told that being as I am the 2nd owner of the tires, Ford was 1st, that any warranties were not transferrable to me. So after only 18 months, I...
  6. New BFG Trail TA tires installed

    I put a new set of BFG Trail TA's, 235/60 R 18's on my BSOB. The factory Michelin's only had 27k miles and needed replacement. I put a few hundred miles on them and so far so great! A nice ride, no noise and great handling. Looking forward to trying some off roading. They look great too!
  7. Got to meet the Engineering Team

    Definitely not a nice guy lol. There were all different Ford models there. They gave that to everyone. They interviewed you about the car. Took about 2 hours. Started with an email.
  8. Michelin tires need to be replaced

    Upgrading to BFG Trail TA's. 235/60 18s.
  9. Which BF Goodrich Tires to get

    Having the Trail TA's installed this week. Went with 235/60 R18's on my OB. The weight wasn't bad, only 30lbs. Should look good. We'll see.
  10. Michelin tires need to be replaced

    The tires are taken care of. The deal Even on the Michelin website, there are 2 different tires with the same speed rating. One had a 50k warranty the other a 25k warranty.
  11. Michelin tires need to be replaced

    The dealer rotates them with every oil change. The dealer even said they have different grades of tire.
  12. Michelin tires need to be replaced

    I have Michelin Primacy AS tires on my 22 OB. Only 27k miles and they're in need of replacement. Almost wrecked over the weekend because I almost hydroplaned off the road. Michelin tires used to be good. Had my oil changed at the dealer today and complained about the tires. He said they...
  13. Ugh. Here I go again... (used BS OBX tire issue)

    Here's the same wheel and tire setup with 25k miles on an Outer Banks if it helps
  14. K02’s just installed

    They look great. Always liked the BFG All Terrains. Hoping to be able to put the 245/65 R18's on my Outer Banks when the Michelins are done.
  15. Ford ESP Warranty and Rental reimbursement ?

    I carry 1 keyfob and my wife has the other. Both work independently on all functions. They should be able to mirror the one you have as long as the vehicle is there.
  16. Got to meet the Engineering Team

    They didn't work on anything. You met with various teams and they asked questions based on the survey I completed.
  17. Got to meet the Engineering Team

    They asked about the engine cover but they didn't have any.