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  1. O Nelly

    Cross-Country Trip MPG With Badlands 2.0L Engine

    Great write-up, Elegance! I just want to know if you are an English teacher, journalist, or author!
  2. O Nelly

    5W-30 API-SP motor oil list (with notes/links)

    I think the information is great that has been provided on oils. But, I've been a Ford owner since 1972, and I've used Ford Synthetic Blended oil ever since it came out. That said, I've never had engine oil related issues in any of my cars. I typically change oil every 4500 to 7000...
  3. O Nelly

    Comparison pics of OEM and Modified Badlands

    So, What brand tire and and what wheels are those?
  4. O Nelly

    Bronco ForScan Thread

    With all the talk now about front cameras needed on all cars, can my BSBL with the basic 360 camera be triggered to operate like the 360+? It seems a lot of the electronics are already in the cars, just not turned on unless you buy the option for $600.
  5. O Nelly

    BS tire pressure accuracy!

    We just did 5000+ miles and I found it to be within 1 + or- PSI when cold. I keep my tires at 10% below max PSI. That allows for increases once the tire gets warm running on highways. I have found that this also provides longer wear mileage. If I lived where the snow flies, I'd drop normal...
  6. O Nelly

    Video: Stock 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands vs Lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon at Moab

    Now, Bronco girl, If you haven't ridden in one off-road, you really don't know. Did you get to see the video the other day on the BS Badlands Forum with the BS and Jeeps on the same hill? It will open your heart to a whole new understanding of this great little car. There is no other SUV in...
  7. O Nelly

    Video: Stock 2021 Bronco Sport Badlands vs Lifted Jeep Wrangler Rubicon at Moab

    These BS Badland just continue to impress me! And I would venture to guess, a lot of Jeep owners. Built Ford Tough
  8. O Nelly

    Rear tow hook

    UpDate: Purchased from Ford with points...10K+ Hitch pin purchased from Northern Tool. The O-ring will keep water from the key mechanism. Hitch stowed around full size spare. I put it in a shorty sock to stop rattles.
  9. O Nelly

    Rear tow hook

    Thank you.
  10. O Nelly

    Badlands in deep sand - personal review

    Thanks for the great info. We are outside Houston and the beach is the closes we'll get to really using this little mule for what it was meant to do.
  11. O Nelly

    Rear tow hook

    Hey Jim, Where did you get this setup? As the song says...."I must be looking in all the wrong places"...
  12. O Nelly

    Rear tow hook

    You are very right about not using the tow chain access brackets. We just attended the Texas Bronco Off-Roadeo and they covered that point very well. They mentioned to either purchase a insert which will accept a shackle or (the easiest) use a keeper pin for a ball insert and put the pin...
  13. O Nelly

    Rear tow hook

    Sorry for the confusion. I'll stick with Gerald. I am one in the same!
  14. O Nelly

    Rear tow hook

    Thanks, Meanderthal. Afyer I had written that my brain kicked in and sort of figured the tow hitch could be used. Btw....this is Judy's husband Dennis or Gerald.
  15. O Nelly

    Rear tow hook

    I just looked at our BSBL today and popped the little cover off and there is nowhere to screw a hook into like you are showing. I do have the tow hitch with the chain loops which could be used. Did anybody hear the screw assembly is left out if tow hitch option is installed? Dennis