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  1. RiotfunK

    If you could choose a new option/color...

    Manual trans. The auto in the 2.0 kinda sucks. Is good off-road. On road it’s laggy, shifts hard and just doesn’t feel good unless you put your foot into it all the time.
  2. RiotfunK

    Can I really be the only one?

    I’ve had more problems in the last 10k miles with this POS BL. Than I’ve had in my last 250k miles on any other vehicle and motorcycles. I wheeled my jeep with full armor and 35s every weekend for 3 years. and was my daily. Even dropping that thing on rocks constantly and hitting things with it...
  3. RiotfunK


    Mines doing this worse now. If I go from reverse to drive there’s a good 2-3 second delay before it shifts and then won’t move when you apply throttle and then it’ll shift hard. Even just shifting while parked there is a pronounced delay for the trans to shift. This happened today to me where I...
  4. RiotfunK

    Turbo upgrade

    It’s the transmission/driveline you’d have to worry about more than the motor. Smashing 400hp/tq ish+\-through that thing. This thing torque steers like mad stock. Be fun to drive though. Do it OP!!!
  5. RiotfunK

    New Bronco Sport with free foghorn. Is there a fix for this. Getting worse at 17000 miles.

    Ford does. Have had this issue since new and had gotten worse after tsb. Only option I have is to pay out of pocket and have it fixed like I had to with the alignments I had done three times by two different dealers. And still had awful pull and poor handling at highway speeds. Magically got...
  6. RiotfunK

    New Bronco Sport with free foghorn. Is there a fix for this. Getting worse at 17000 miles.

    Mine sounds same as OP. TSB did nothing but make brakes feel worse. They work fine except on initial driving. Probs first 4-5 times you use the brakes they’re loud af and barely work. My sound is coming from the fronts. While it’s making this noise the brakes do not grab well. Like someone...
  7. RiotfunK

    Leaky Headliner?

    Yeah think your washer line split
  8. RiotfunK

    Tire Comparison

    wildpeaks 245/65/17. They’ll get you out there and get you home. The tires sizes are small enough that no matter which width you choose you won’t see any real difference in the snow. I’ve run the KO2 and I’ll never run them again. Had them in 35s and they wore weird, got loud, didn’t balance...
  9. RiotfunK

    Electrical help needed

    You should go directly to the battery or a switch panel off of the battery. I’ve never heard or seen anyone run off the headlights. Ever You’re pulling way too much current off the puny headlight wiring. You’re lucky it even worked and didn’t blow your headlights.
  10. RiotfunK

    Weight capacity on back door before it's unable to remain open?

    I’ve seen the side of roof racks where I’m pointing
  11. RiotfunK

    What is selling more of: Bronco or Bronco Sport?

    There’s way more big broncos around me than lil ones. I also have the only badlands I’ve seen. People aren’t buying them like they were. There’s tons of low mile sports and big broncos everywhere on lots by me. The 22s have been really problematic for Ford with most their new models.
  12. RiotfunK

    Rear End Noise

    They’re going to tell you operating as intended. Ford doesn’t want to fix things. Just sell you stuff.
  13. RiotfunK

    Weight capacity on back door before it's unable to remain open?

    It would probs drop with 40+ lbs I would think. Doesn’t take much to close it and the gate is really light as it is. Easy way to check, grab two gallon jugs and tie them to rear hatch. Bet it won’t hold two. And that’s only 16lbs ish. Hook it into the back of a roof basket probs be better.
  14. RiotfunK

    Ford Dealer Wants $75K For $46K Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

    There’s tons of broncos and sports and multiple heritage models by me on lots and in transit. And are unsold units. They really aren’t moving quick anymore. There’s also tons of low miles BS and big broncos all over. The ones with the markups aren’t moving. I got a deal on my BL when there...
  15. RiotfunK

    Ford Dealer Wants $75K For $46K Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

    I saved 7500$+ by driving 45 minutes. People are dumb and settle.
  16. RiotfunK

    Electrical help needed

    Did you move the ecu in the driver wheel well or use an extension if you did? I’d swap battery. These newer vehicles have so much electrical crap that really sensitive to voltage changes. Most oem batteries you’ll get 2 good years out of them.
  17. RiotfunK

    Maybe an electrical issue?! Help!

    The screen blacking out is from bad APIM. They have to tear the whole dash apart to replace it. Plastic around wheel and center stack. Least what I’ve been told and seen. I have had same same issue for months and Ford finally decided to replace something after months of issues and repeated...
  18. RiotfunK

    Ford Dealer Wants $75K For $46K Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

    The heritage isn’t worth 46k. I still think these are a hard sell over 40k. I wouldn’t even have looked twice if it was over 40k when I bought my badlands.
  19. RiotfunK

    Can someone explain the differences between the BroncoSports AWD and the Subaru's?

    The Subaru uses a center clutch system to send power front and rear. It has open differentials front and rear, and uses the computer to control braking like a limited slip differential. The off-road modes adjust amount of spin. Subaru is a 45/55 power split front to rear. Remember the Subaru...