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  1. MJE

    Hit up Shelf Road Colorado in Bronco Sport

    Nice trip! Yep those rocks look like they’d turn around any vehicle out there, rock crawl mode or not.
  2. MJE

    Let’s see your fire pits!

    My setup. Rock/brick work landscaping was all done by previous owner. Cushions are whatever grayscale was offered this year at your usual big box. I did buy a propane fire table which should just fit right in this ring (I really don’t want to clean a wood fire mess out of this), but have yet...
  3. MJE

    Full size Broncos around by me

    They’re so often soft top here too which I don’t get. With 6 months of winter how does a soft top work out? Having said that, the one I’d want is whatever this is. I have no idea who here could’ve done the graphics.
  4. MJE

    With all the threads on negative Ford service...

    Wow some great stories here! & some sadly not so great… Purchasing for me was excellent my sales guy I would surely use again. Even if I found them basically because I can walk there quicker than I can drive there. Really though for service I have 2 main things that standout & would get me to...
  5. MJE

    Virginia How to keep your Pew pew Secure

    Sadly true here. Not even allowed to go buy a pew now hardly, but that only seems to affect legitimate businesses & owners…
  6. MJE

    Artist-Created Competitior Concept: Third-Gen Nissan Xterra

    Uh wow. Surely they’d have come closer if they started with a current gen Frontier? The next big thing for me might be a fixed roof Bronco as a Land Cruiser competitor. The Everest could be marketed as such.
  7. MJE

    Ford Among Companies With Worst Data Privacy Practices

    I’d say now that at least Ford provides features like securicode (sadly going away) & app integration (like almost everybody else I enjoy my phone too much to really care that I’m tracked everywhere & sold as a piece of data…) included with the purchase. It seems if I understand right, that GM...
  8. MJE

    Ford Among Companies With Worst Data Privacy Practices

    This is pretty much my take too. Despite the fact that I have zero trust in government really, how interested are they really in my trips over say any one other individual. Since they outlawed gun purchases here, my pre covid trips to the range haven’t picked up again. Maybe I should & they...
  9. MJE

    Will the sport be next?

    Somebody please tell me they don’t still teach this. I remember learning it 30 years ago in drivers ed now, though I don’t think we actually had to do it. These days with your 💪 out the window raised in the air somebody would probably assume you’re flipping them off.
  10. MJE

    Vanity Tags

    Somebody’s on FB. I’m surprised they let this through.
  11. MJE

    Will the sport be next?

    Had this on a 2020 Explorer. The rear view camera would just show blue & a blue triangle in the 360 view. Recall #1 never fixed it. I think it hit recall #2 after I traded it. Hopefully they get this fixed some way & somehow.
  12. MJE

    Miles vs KM - General Settings

    I’d laugh about this being some odd Canuck thing, maybe even come up with a conspiracy theory or two. But mine stays in miles just fine so I got nothing! Good luck though in finding a permanent solution.
  13. MJE

    Not long for this world

    You absolutely have my prayers Jon.
  14. MJE

    Not long for this world

    Hey just checking in to see how things are going? Were you finally able to have the tests done? Hope all is well!
  15. MJE

    Just had recall and now I have no heat

    Not sure there could be much correlation, but you never know if something got knocked loose while they were doing the repair. When I had heat go out on the explorer though it was completely parts related to just the heater. I’d just contact your dealer again & see, I’m assuming you’re still...
  16. MJE

    List the deleted items from the '21 to '23

    It’s Ford Pass that should stick around. I’m grateful Ford doesn’t charge for it unlike almost everybody else with an app it seems. Even if it seems to always disable itself on me… No, sadly for those who love it, it’s securicode which seems to be going away. I really do like the lighted...
  17. MJE

    I did a thing

    Awesome looking rig! Judging by your avatar, you’re using your BSBL to fullest extent, so this full-size looks like a great way to continue those adventures. Enjoy!
  18. MJE

    List the deleted items from the '21 to '23

    That’s exactly what I’m afraid of. While I love all the technology Ford puts into their vehicles & choose them in part for that, the FordPass tech I haven’t found that useful. I certainly wouldn’t pay a subscription fee for it, though thankfully Ford hasn’t gone that way. The app spends most...
  19. MJE

    List the deleted items from the '21 to '23

    I thought I’d heard that. Now I wonder if that’s because of the chip shortage? At first I thought because the Edge is going away anyways. Or is Ford discontinuing this feature altogether?
  20. MJE

    Great Smoky Mountain Bronco Stampede - Pigeon Forge, TN, Aug 18 - 19 - Sports WELCOME!

    Thanks for the update & thanks for going out there to represent the BS! Judging is so subjective, they can always give some criteria then pick something totally different anyways. Good on you for going at it another year & I hope the vendors come out then too next year!