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  1. Goinbroke2

    Bronco Sport or Bronco, our decision

    So, anyone who's watched my video's knows we love this thing. It is ten times more capable than it gets credit for. But, the only thing that I don't like is an unfixable problem, breakover angle. We have 10" clearance under the whole vehicle (same minimum as an 02 explorer on 33's) but since the...
  2. Goinbroke2

    Our latest off road adventure with the Bronco Sport @ 2023 Mud Run

    So...everyone else was on 35's or bigger and even a newer toyota on 31's turned around. I got skid plates on everything so I told the wife to "let it eat" but she's a bit more cautious than me. LOL!!! Enjoy the water fording as well!
  3. Goinbroke2

    Looking for a snorkel for the BS.

    So, it has 23”(call it two feet) of fording depth, added 1.5” of lift and added another inch or so with the bigger tires. So maybe 25-26” total? I’m thinking of adding a snorkel to the drivers front fender as it is the perfect spot. Anyone seen them for sale yet? I can’t.
  4. Goinbroke2

    Any full length under body armour?

    Like to pull off the felt and add a real full length skid plate so I can drag its belly. Anyone make one or do I do it myself? thanks
  5. Goinbroke2

    Our latest video…

    Here’s the latest,
  6. Goinbroke2

    Just ordered the HRG front skid plate, order number 16940!

    I looked at the four or so available and chose HRG as one I can trust, mostly because I've watched him wheel and that's how I wheel. If he built it for himself, it's good enough for me. Yes a company that builds skid plates for others and adds the bronco sport to the line up in theory should be...
  7. Goinbroke2

    At the ford parts counter…..

    I’m trying to buy traction Matt’s and I’m sure I’ve seen them hanging in a ford dealership and I’m sure I looked it up a while back and they were under bronco but not bronco sport…. But now, parts guy can’t find anything. Anybody have a part number for the traction Matt’s from ford?? Thanks
  8. Goinbroke2

    Does the RC 1.5” lift work on a badlands?

    Ordered it from ford last week and it gets installed next week. Now I’m hearing it won’t work on here?? yea or nay??
  9. Goinbroke2

    My latest Bronco Sport youtube video

    On the "pipe line" trail. its a service road beside the LNG gasline.
  10. Goinbroke2

    Can I lift my Badlands??

    So, the last two days I've been driving full size broncos. I'm ready to upgrade my 21 BS badlands and the only reason, honestly, is due to clearance. I've got 245/70/17's Road Cruza RA1100 and they are awesome, no rubbing. But, I want bigger tires/more clearance so I've been looking at full...
  11. Goinbroke2

    Just realized I haven’t posted a video in a while…

    I have a 21, cyber orange BS. Here’s some videos I made (thought I posted them here but I can’t find them…? My YouTube is “low range in Nova Scotia” And my last one that I already made a thread for…
  12. Goinbroke2

    Bronco sport recovers a loaded plow truck!

    As it says in the video, I got a call that the plow truck went off the road and I used the BS to recover it!
  13. Goinbroke2

    Rear 110v plug in??

    So the wife went to the drive in and tried to plug a radio in instead of leaving the BS radio on. Didn't work. So today, I'm home from racing and took a look and it has power as long as its running, but if I shut it off, hit the start button without touching the brake the "accessory mode" turns...
  14. Goinbroke2

    Videos of my Bronco Sport off road

    Since our cyber orange BS badlands was delivered in January, we’ve been taking it on trails, snow wheeling etc. Here’s some videos. Delivered; Buried it in snow; Went for a drive and found some unplowed roads; Driving through 3’ drifts in whiteout conditions; Hope you guys like...
  15. Goinbroke2

    Rear recovery point??

    I have the little door on the bumper that says “tow point cover” but when I pop it out and look inside, there is no threaded hole. (or any hole) I’m making a receiver towing hitch but would rather keep that clear for the winch. Ideally have the winch in the receiver and a tow point so I can do...