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  1. thekingprawn

    I'm a Salesman?

    A few months ago I stood in the rain in a parking lot talking to complete strangers about my Bronco Sport. I didn't mind because 1) it's Washington, so I'm used to the rain, and 2) I love my Bronco so much I will always gladly talk about it. Fast forward to a few weeks ago and I saw another...
  2. thekingprawn

    Rhino Rack Stealth?

    Has anyone installed the Rhino Rack Stealth bars on a Bronco Sport? I'd like to have crossbars, but I'd also like to not nuke my MPG from orbit in the process. I know the factory bars are so high they are catastrophic for fuel economy, so a lower profile seems like the best hope for better...
  3. thekingprawn

    Bronco Sport in Advertisement

    Nitto at least thinks the Bronco Sport is worthy of some love. Not a terrible looking tire.
  4. thekingprawn

    10K Mile Review, Sort Of

    It's totally normal to say out loud "I love you" every time you get in your Bronco, right? Seriously though, this thing has been like Mary Poppins -- practically perfect in every way. Mechanically I have had zero problems (I don't count the bolt in the tire, which was fixed easily enough.) It's...
  5. thekingprawn

    Getting out there

    A big part of the decision to get my Bronco was to feel more confident getting out of the house and into nature. So far I've hiked several trails I wouldn't have felt comfortable driving my sedan to, driven the Obstruction Point road in Olympic National Park, and this week used the back end of...
  6. thekingprawn

    Thule Feet

    The Thule 450R feet cost $299.95 for a set of 4. Is there any reason on earth to not buy 4 spare feet for a cost of $144.48 and 4 handle/caps for $45.40 with a total cost of $189.88 instead? Am I missing something on this, or is Thule (and any retailer that sells their stuff) just overcharging...
  7. thekingprawn

    Ford Customer Satisfaction Survey

    After way too much angst, annoyance, and frustration I am now the very proud owner of a spectacularly beautiful Velocity Blue Bronco Sport Badlands. The vehicle itself is amazing. I do look back every time I walk away in a parking lot. With each glance in the rearview mirror I smile seeing the...
  8. thekingprawn

    VIN Guide

    I snagged this from another forum, but it seems useful for some nerdery.
  9. thekingprawn

    FE Wheels Now Available

    According to Ford Authority, the black FE wheels are now available to purchase from Ford's performance store. At $1200 that's a lot of scratch to pretend at being an FE. Maybe at some point they'll be available as an option on new builds.
  10. thekingprawn

    Basket vs Platform

    What are the pros and cons of each type of top carrier. As my BS will be the vehicle that takes my wife and me on camping trips, and we have dogs, I'll need added storage to get all the unnecessary crap equipment to the campsite. Is there an inherent advantage to one style over the other, or is...
  11. thekingprawn

    Know Your Own Product

    Really Ford?
  12. thekingprawn

    Order Submitted

    After hemming and hawing for a year I placed my order today for a Bandlands. Now the waiting begins sprinkled with a dash of paranoia that the dealer will try to pull something when it comes in. Has anyone experienced dealers going rogue upon delivery? My dealership has a general $2k over MSPR...