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  1. BamaBronco

    Anyone try off brand cross bars yet?

    I can attest to this because I have these same cross-bars as well. They fit and look good, but even after trying to stuff the gaps and holes where air/wind can pass through, there's still a whistling noise. For me the noise starts at speeds above 55 mph.
  2. BamaBronco

    All 2” and 1 1/4” level lift pre orders start shipping out next week.

    To my knowledge, nobody makes that part other than Ford and it is not available in steel, only plastic. Also, nobody makes an aftermarket steel bumper yet either.
  3. BamaBronco

    Big Bend Intelligent 4WD

    @GiraffezMilk the 4WD system is the same in all non-BL (and FE) trims. Each of the non-BL trims have 5 GOAT modes. Regarding your original question, the main difference between the Base and BB vs. the OB (among other things) is the screen in the dash instrument/gauge cluster. The OB's screen is...
  4. BamaBronco

    Badlands Sport Proves It’s No Little Brother on Hell’s Gate

    It's fine. Cabezone is a Cherokee TH owner that still frequents a forum for a vehicle he doesn't own for whatever reason. Not sure why.
  5. BamaBronco

    Paint already chipped down to metal

    Please provide update with before/after pics if you can!
  6. BamaBronco

    What GOAT mode do you use if you don’t have the Badlands?

    Ok, so that's where you do it. Good to know, thanks! I always wondered why there was not a physical button to turn off traction control, since most vehicles do have that.
  7. BamaBronco

    What GOAT mode do you use if you don’t have the Badlands?

    I may have just found an answer to my own question. The owner's manual says the following: "You can switch the system off by either using the information display controls or the switch." I'll have to check the information display in my tach/speed cluster to find it next time I drive.
  8. BamaBronco

    What GOAT mode do you use if you don’t have the Badlands?

    I'm not sure how it is on the OB, but on my BB, I do not have a traction control button to turn it on/off. To my understanding, the only way to turn off traction control on non-BL trims is to use Sand mode. Obviously, the BL and FE do have a traction control button on the center console next to...
  9. BamaBronco

    Meet ‘Gruff’ our Shadow Black Outer Banks: Air Design Hood Scoop, Falken Wildpeak AT Trail 235/65/R18, Debadged, Blacked Out

    @Dan.Bronco looks great! Where did you get the muffler tips, or did you install a new exhaust kit?
  10. BamaBronco

    Anyone able to purchase the Bronco rubber floormats?

    From my understanding, you can use Ford Pass points on anything from Ford: tires, accessories, services, etc. I used mine towards new off-road tires. Service department at the dealership gave me no fuss about it. When I went in and asked about using the points I received from the purchase of...
  11. BamaBronco

    Rough Country Lighting Options for 2021 Bronco Sport

    If "they" (Trigger?) made an Apple Carplay or Android Auto app to control the lights from the touchscreen...🤯 That's the ticket right there. It's already awesome to be able to control it from your phone but ya while driving.
  12. BamaBronco

    The beginning

    I'm thinking about going with the non-BL trim version Woolworth offers, but I would like to see an instruction manual first to see if it's something I can handle myself.
  13. BamaBronco

    The beginning

    Which leveling kit are you going with?
  14. BamaBronco

    Bronco Base Build: 2" level kit, 30.5" BFG KM3 tires, light bar, 4" Rigid light pods

    Do you know the part number for the tow hook assembly by chance? Also, let me know how the install goes if you do it yourself. I would imagine you have to cut out the plastic that covers where they will go on the front bumper.
  15. BamaBronco

    All 2” and 1 1/4” level lift pre orders start shipping out next week.

    Do you have installation instructions available for this level kit?
  16. BamaBronco

    Big bend tire sizes -- what AT tires won’t rub??

    I never said the BL had a lift, just an extra inch of clearance. But yes, I forgot to mention the minor detail that the way you get that full extra inch of clearance is with the optional tires. Otherwise it may *only* be 0.75". My bad. If you noticed, I linked another post that was about my...
  17. BamaBronco

    Did a mountain trail

    @WarHorse1B Good to see another BS owner from Alabama! I think there are a few of us on here.
  18. BamaBronco

    New Custom Overland Roof Rack for the BS

    @MRanderson as I mentioned already, this roof rack looks great. Kudos on the design! What kind of wind noise do you get from this rack? I have some cheaper roof cross-bars that generate a fair amount of noise that I would be looking to potentially replace with this rack. I was just curious to...
  19. BamaBronco

    Does 2.0L engine use cylinder deactivation like the 1.5?

    Unfortunately, this is probably the case. I can't count how many times I've been cruising at 75 mph on the interstate and I get passed by someone doing 85-90+ in something like a Toyota Camry (LOL). Could I go 90 too? Sure. The 1.5L certainly has the capability to keep up without working too...
  20. BamaBronco

    Part number for badlands skid plate?

    Check out this thread I started back in January. I finally found a part number for the front skid plate on Ford's parts website. I think it's #6775.