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  1. DakotaBronco

    Rhino Rack Pioneer installed on BL+BL

    First time I've been able to say "nice rack" and not get dirty looks.
  2. DakotaBronco

    Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    I could see it in the reflection of the trees on the hood.
  3. DakotaBronco

    First Edition Owners... Let’s See Them!

    I picked mine up Saturday afternoon and took this picture today.
  4. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    Not an error, be patient. Mine did that for two weeks then on Thursday it showed both if the following within 3 hours.
  5. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    Congrats! Post pics when you get it.
  6. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    The Cactus Gray really does change with the lighting. In the delivery area at the dealership under their lights it looked gray. Once outside I see shades of green and blue in it.
  7. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    Picked up my BS FE in Cactus Grey today and loving it! Just wishing the weather was better. Rained all day and 45°.
  8. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    There's light at the end of the tunnel my friend!
  9. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    Fresh off the transport! It arrived about 2 weeks earlier than I thought it would.
  10. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    I think I answered my own question
  11. DakotaBronco

    Waiting room

    My FE is getting closer! This ap finally posted the destination. Anyone know how long it usually is after that happens?
  12. DakotaBronco

    Project O'Bronco

    Wondering why you bought this suv if you're that unhappy and disappointed in it. Might not be the right "marriage".
  13. DakotaBronco

    Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    I think you confused the Bronco with the Bronco Sport. Only 2,000 BS FE were built
  14. DakotaBronco

    Photos of Bronco Sports in the Wild

    Great pics, find anything cool?
  15. DakotaBronco

    First Edition - Cross Racks?

    They're an option
  16. DakotaBronco

    2021 v 2022

    One option for you could be a 2 year lease now and then on to a 2023, just saying.
  17. DakotaBronco

    Bronco Sport Earns Highest IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

    This might help