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  1. ElBronc

    WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Just after the start of section 5, just north of Lake Chelan. Awesome ride up towards Cooper Mountain and back, the BS handled it well.
  2. ElBronc

    Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?

    That's nice right there. Can you link to the listing to make sure I get the same one?
  3. ElBronc

    Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    Looks great. That platform k or b?
  4. ElBronc

    WHERE did you go with your Bronco Sport today?

    Part of the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route near where we stayed at Lake Chelan. Kids and wife had a good time and BS handled it no problem.
  5. ElBronc

    Nudge bar/grille guard for Badlands with tow hooks ??

    Did the front bumper have to be taken off?
  6. ElBronc

    Ford pass reward points

    Yep, mine took about 30 days to show on the app.
  7. ElBronc

    Will these Steel Wheels fit?

    Awesome. Gonna order. Where's the best place to get TPMS sensors?
  8. ElBronc

    Will these Steel Wheels fit?

    Wanting to pull the trigger on these. Anyone know for certain they'll fit fine? Will be putting some 245/65/17 on them.
  9. ElBronc

    Thule HD Crossbar Roof Rack System installed

    Wow man, thanks for all those measurements! Those are almost 2 inches lower than my factory ones. They look awesome. Any issues opening the moon roof completely?
  10. ElBronc

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Those the 50" or 60" crossbars?
  11. ElBronc

    Steel or aluminum wheels?

    All good points!
  12. ElBronc

    Steel or aluminum wheels?

    I'm planning on getting new bigger tires for the FE, something like the BFG all terrains or General ATX. I've got the Wildpeaks that came with it and will keep those on different rims for the winter. Now, I like the look of black steelies. My Bronco black diamond will roll those. My question...
  13. ElBronc

    Thule HD Crossbar Roof Rack System installed

    I wonder if someone with these Thule crossbars could measure from the roof to the top of the cross bar? Would like to lower profile on my FE if it's a big enough difference. Thanks in advance.
  14. ElBronc

    Platform Racks

    I'm going for the trail rig setup as well, even hope to get the 31's on after I get the 4WP lift put on. I contacted Yakima a week ago about this same thing. I'm thinking of doing the K platform though. ReRack shows it in stock.
  15. ElBronc

    Google officially announces Android auto fix for SYNC3

    I've had the same issue in my BS. Android auto disappears from the screen, have to unplug and plug back in to get it to show up again. Kind of annoying.
  16. ElBronc

    Rain sensing wipers? Heated Mirrors?

    Another feature left out on the FE, lol