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  1. Bittersweet day

    13MikeH, same here. After 5 build dates and months of actively searching online, I finally found one 2 hours away that was special ordered and the customer didn't qualify. I had called this dealership 2 wks prior and the salesman kept my name & #, worked out great. I'm waiting for my deposit too.
  2. Intro + Badlands available in Central Oregon

    Love your enthusiasm! Mine will be my first ever brand new vehicle! I have bought a new model year a couple of times but bought them gently used. My favorite was my '07 Toyota FJ. My Cactus Gray FE is on a railcar right now, hope to have it in 2 or 3 wks!
  3. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Well, just got my love note from date extended again. 4 build dates so far.
  4. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Glad to hear that. My BL +BL build date kept getting pushed out. As of know, I am supposed to be getting a FE that is on a railcar now. I keep hoping that I won't regret the decision because I loved the look of the Ebony Roast seats in the BL + BL and had added the 360° Co Pilot assist.
  5. When to buy? Supply and pricing for the rest of the year?

    Saw this online: "A dealer is allocated a certain number of cars with better performing dealers getting higher allocations. When you special order a car, it either comes from a spot that the dealer already had allocated for them or one that is not out of any
  6. When to buy? Supply and pricing for the rest of the year?

    After months of not so patiently waiting for my BL +BL, I bit the bullet and put a deposit on a FE in CG(my 1st color choice). It is on the train in AZ now heading to FL. The unfortunate caveat for me, is that I'm going to have it delivered since I'm 4 states away. I am a little terrified of...
  7. When to buy? Supply and pricing for the rest of the year?

    I am having the same dilemma, see them on websites, call and they're either a customer's order or they're on order. I'm seriously considering buying one several states away and having it delivered. It does kind of scare the hell out of me buying sight unseen.
  8. CG FE

    Yep, I questioned one dealer about the crossbars. They were showing on the window sticker & on the Ford site but not on the FE in the pic. Thanks.
  9. CG FE

    No, not PA.
  10. CG FE

    I had read that they are darker than the pics. Did you order yours? I've had a couple of "deals" fall thru because another salesman had taken a deposit or sold them. Now that I've started looking online at the FE, I really would prefer it over the BL. The waiting is very hard. Glad you are...
  11. CG FE

    Thanks for the pics, they are sharp looking!
  12. CG FE

    Thanks! Wish I could see one locally...
  13. CG FE

    Does anyone have a CG FE? If so, how do you think that the navy pier seats look with the CG exterior. My BL + BL build date keeps getting changed and I may have the opportunity to buy a FE in another state. Pics are appreciated...thanks!
  14. X-Plan Revisited

    I've run into that a couple of times, I think all FORD dealerships should be required to honor it. The one I ordered from said "no, it's not eligible so I sent him a screenshot showing that it's eligible. He then said bring in your "x" plan paperwork when you pickup your BS. I'm holding him to...
  15. Visibility Report Example

    Ok, thanks for the info!
  16. Visibility Report Example

    Interesting...where might I find this report? I have a VIN & order #. They keep pushing out my build date. Thanks.
  17. Wait Time between each Order Status

    Mine is a 10. Something I just read, said that 1-9 are highest priority, 10-19 are retail orders, etc.
  18. Wait Time between each Order Status

    Thanks, I'll check it. My dealer submitted my order almost 3 weeks after I met with him and paid my deposit. He didn't catch it, I did. I'm not expecting much at this point.
  19. Wait Time between each Order Status

    Would like to know that also...