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  1. What price to expect?

    No way should you pay above MSRP when that’s what you basically agreed to. Don’t let them play you. I got my big bend that someone backed out of with 360+ for a couple grand under MSRP
  2. AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    Here’s the link and some photos...
  3. 33k for Base models

    They did the same thing with base models at my local dealer. Throwing a lift and some aftermarket wheels and tires and jacking up the prices 6200 bucks... $5000 for the lift because the warranty “runs in line with the factory warranty” insane...
  4. AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    If you buy directly from AVS shipping is free... if you aren’t using your Ford points and mine got here in like 5 days. I was saving mine for an oil change or whatever the first service will cost.
  5. All 2” and 1 1/4” level lift pre orders start shipping out next week.

    Has anyone here had the lift installed aside from the OP?
  6. Paint schemes

    Here’s my big bend with the outerbanks/first edition/badlands paint scheme. I’m loving it
  7. Paint Issues

    What’s that costing you? If you don’t mind sharing
  8. Paint schemes

    Rapid red. I liked the look of the red with gloss black top, Ford runs the commercial with the badlands with that scheme and it made me want it. I went fir a vehicle wrap and it ended up being done poorly so I had them remove it, upon removal I noticed slices in the paint down the bare metal...
  9. Paint schemes

    Big bends come with color matching roof. My BB is in dealership body shop being painted black as I write this post.
  10. What do you use to clean the OEM rubber floor mats?

    I just pull them out and blast them with soap and water. Isn’t that the whole point of having rubber mats? lol my wife made fun of me for vacuuming the rubber mats between washes.
  11. Leveling Lift Kit Installed on a Bronco Sport Big Bend

    thank you for the insight sir.
  12. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Still some decent stock in the Coachella valley area. Drove past Palm Springs motors and they had 2 Big Bends, an Outer Banks, and a base model. And Fiesta Ford about 15 miles away has about 4-5 big bends and an outer banks or 2. Side note : starting to see a lot more on the road. I saw a base...
  13. Leveling Lift Kit Installed on a Bronco Sport Big Bend

    phew that looks like a lot of work
  14. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Oh wow this is crazy. Anyone wanna buy my big bend? Lol
  15. Paint Issues

    I’d suggest heading over the to body shop and telling them this is from before you bought it. They probably will have to paint it but you shouldn’t have to pay for poor handling of your vehicle.
  16. FordRangerlifts Nudge Bar

    I’ll wait for other options to come out, $400 for some welded steel pipe seems pretty steep.
  17. AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    There are a couple of threads on them, some people love them some people seem to not. I have one on order direct from AVS so I’ll let you know once it’s on my BS.
  18. Failed Wrap Job

    If you’re getting a bad job done, sure. If you read through the thread there are plenty of suggestions as to what they did wrong.
  19. Rough Country Lift NO GO

    Been waiting for 4wheelparts to get their lift back in stock since I bought mine. Hopefully soon... and since Ford is partnering with them on aftermarket parts I’m hoping I can get it installed at my dealer.
  20. Aeroskin installation

    I see the slight flex in the hood when I drive mine. I think some people have way overplayed the flex. It’s very slight