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  1. Oil Change

    Were you able to snap some pictures of the oil filter location?
  2. Transceiver Installation thread (Ham, CB, GMRS). Radio unit and antenna installation

    Do you worry about pinching the coax every time you close the gate? Nice install The radio body under seat is clever. There are few places to mount a radio.
  3. Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

    BTW, base part number hasn't changed. I found this in a 40 year old truck accessories Catalog.
  4. Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

    $210 for the auto dim mirror from ford. That doesn't seem to bad. I thought it was in the BB package, but I don't see it in the order guide. There are many standard features in outer banks trim and not available on badlands w/o BL package. Adding keyed ignition power wouldn't be too...
  5. Future aftermarket mods/upgrades

    I started a list of research projects for factory available upgrades. I may not install these mods, but I will link to the discussion threads. Bronco sport upgrades to investigate. cms...
  6. Waiting room

    I excepted it TBH. It also gives me time to clean out the mariner for trade. I'm moving plates around to my own plates on it. It works out in my favor.
  7. Waiting room

    Build week moved to June 7
  8. 2021 Bronco Sport Order Guide! (Options, Packages, Equipment, Accessories Revealed)

    I wonder if they are saving them for outerbanks builds. Or the tires at least. I ordered OB but would have preferred the lower tire cost 17 inch wheels
  9. Does Badlands come with any floor mats if you don't get any of the optional liners?

    If you're ording instead of taking from dealer stock, you have two options. - floor liners front and rear with carpeted mats - $200 50B - floor liners front and rear w/o carpetedmmats - $160 50C Option code 50B available in all trim levels. Option code 50C available in all trim levels except...
  10. Arm rests too low

    I have been driving my wife's 2014 jeep patriot to get me used to the smaller interior from the 2008 mariner. It also has a lower armrest.
  11. Adding Cargo Management System - Here's Part Numbers and Cost to Retrofit

    Plastic trim never comes down in parts cost either with ford. That probably means the salvage market will be a premium.
  12. Waiting room

    I ordered on March 31st. I got a Vin last Thursday. Now a potential build week of May 10th. Ob +ob w/o moon roof. 360+, with tow, and slash gguards. How are you getting email from ford with build schedules? I keep asking my dealer.
  13. Production Week Scheduling

    I'm glad I ordered mine w/o moon roof, and was thinking the same thing when they specified option codes.
  14. Adding Cargo Management System - Here's Part Numbers and Cost to Retrofit

    prefix M1PZ is on a few Bronco sport parts. Rightnow it's just on its tow hitch and the cross bars
  15. Adding Cargo Management System - Here's Part Numbers and Cost to Retrofit

    Also, those are base part numbers. They are missing the 4 character Bronco sport prefix and the 2 digit suffix. Hopefully, once Tasca or another parts dealer adds Bronco sport, we can get complete part numbers.
  16. Photoshop Request.... 2012 Escape (or earlier) overlayed with the Bronco Sport

    What we need to find are silhouette drawings of each on the same scale.
  17. Issues with wireless charging pad?

    Has anyone tried charging a smart watch with it? Apple and Samsung smart watches should be Qi compliant. I am curious for my self.
  18. Possible to get 0% financing?

    I was offered 0% 48, but the payments were too high. I took 0.9 @60.
  19. Bronco Sport Outer Banks - Freshly Tinted with a few minor mods to come

    The sun strip is an option or is it aftermarket?