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  1. jmannin3

    Recall: Downstream Catalytic Converter Replacement

    According to the notice, it was for 34 vehicles built on Dec 11, 2020. Wrong downstream cat was installed which may effect tailpipe emissions. Customer notices are to be sent on May 30th. My guess is that's when parts will become available.
  2. jmannin3

    Adding Cargo Management System - Here's Part Numbers and Cost to Retrofit

    I just looked up the three parts needed. The LH and RH rear interior trunk panels and the actual cargo management table. Pricing is eye catching to say the least. RH - M1PZ-7831012-BA - 498.95 MSPR LH - M1PZ-7831013-BA - 487.97 MSRP Cargo Table - M1PZ-7813046-GA - 1,042.47 MSRP Granted one...