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  1. wilbur_xmas

    Cloud-based maintenance log

    Open FordPass, select "Vehicle" at the bottom, directly below your fuel gauge select "Service & Support", then "Service History", then "Add Service Record". Other than that I just use a plain old google doc for a maintenance log for all my previous vehicles including the BS since it's easy to...
  2. wilbur_xmas

    Rubberized seat backs

    Mine was like this too, had to try a few different strategies of which order to snap the snaps and felt like I was going to dislocate my thumb. One of the snap locations was a good 1/2" off from where it should have been.
  3. wilbur_xmas

    Rubberized seat backs

    Our OB came with them wrapped in plastic in the rear cargo area. There isn't much solid info out there, but it appears the BB should have included the rear seat back rubber protectors. Here is what MotorTrend said in their review:
  4. wilbur_xmas

    Installed a Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack on my Badlands

    Nice rack! I didn't color coordinate my rack like you did, but I also have a Kuat rack (the more basic Transfer rack) and I semi-color coordinated my bike. I make it up to La Honda and El Corte de Madera once in a while. This pic is from across the Bay at Anthony Chabot.
  5. wilbur_xmas

    Ordered new wheels and tires.

    I went with the Toyo Open Country AT3s, but given experience in the past I would say the KO2s are louder than the Toyos due to more aggressive tread and reinforced sidewall. The Toyos are noisier than stock up to highway speeds where the wind noise drowns it out. The KO2s I have used in the past...
  6. wilbur_xmas

    Ordered new wheels and tires.

    I purchased my wheels/tires with TPMS from tirerack and, to my amazement and to the credit of Ford, the TPMS on the new wheels were automatically detected correctly for each wheel in the correct location. It's a big improvement from past systems I have used that require a manual...
  7. wilbur_xmas

    Battery Tender

    Yes I have a Cen-Tech unit I have used for a few cars and on my motorcycle. Our BS was a showroom model (lots of poking/prodding unlocking, turning lights on) and that, combined with the start/stop system, cooling fans for the LED headlights running after turning it off, and the random other...
  8. wilbur_xmas

    Outer Banks first road trip thoughts

    Pop the hood and you will see some big white plastic adjusters on the top rear of the headlight housing that I assume are for vertical adjustment like many other cars. They have an allen key opening in the center of the adjuster, but are large enough that you can just turn them with your fingers.
  9. wilbur_xmas

    Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    I will note that previous to the hood protector install my hood vibrated slightly on the freeway on the centerline of the hood up near the windshield. Now with the hood protector installed it vibrates significantly more, but not enough to worry or bother me. If I get annoyed with it I will get...
  10. wilbur_xmas

    Installing aftermarket speakers and sub in Bronco Sport!

    @jlmazzola Thanks so much for being the guinea pig and providing all these details! Just to confirm, if I wanted to swap out the four door speakers for something better all I would need is four 6.5" speakers and two Metra 6.5" 82-7400 speaker adapters (for the front doors)?
  11. wilbur_xmas

    Ordered new wheels and tires.

    We are currently up to about 1600 miles on the BS, with the last 1400 or so on the new tire/wheel setup. Our current lifetime average fuel economy according to the computer is 25.5 mpg with a 50/50 mix of city/highway. At 72 mph, which is where I usually keep the cruise control, we average about...
  12. wilbur_xmas

    Meet ‘Gruff’ our Shadow Black Outer Banks: Air Design Hood Scoop, Falken Wildpeak AT Trail 235/65/R18, Debadged, Blacked Out

    They aren't hard molded, there is some flex so they could bend right up to the body without damage, but they don't flap around on the freeway. As a point of reference they are just slightly firmer than the little wind deflector in front of your front wheels, they are a very similar material...
  13. wilbur_xmas

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    Pardon any assumption I made, I was basing it off your cruise control set speed (60 mph) and on your trip meter which averaged 61.65 mph after doing the math. I just didn't want people wondering why they aren't getting 35 mpg since average speed is the biggest factor. I see about the same...
  14. wilbur_xmas

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    I've heard the horror stories about Virginia and speeding tickets, so I don't blame you for keeping it at 60. Anything less than 70 out here and tractor trailers will be passing you and expressing their displeasure so I'll never see numbers that good ever, but at least I'll get there faster!
  15. wilbur_xmas

    Anyone install Aeroskin Hood Protector on their Bronco Sport?

    The BS has these too. There are two in the engine bay on either side of the front grill. There are two more mounted to the underside of the hood adjacent to each fender. I had to make adjustments to my previous SUV that had pretty severe cowl shake in crosswinds and every previous car I have...
  16. wilbur_xmas

    I've Added Some Accessories to My Bronco Sport First Edition (Cyber Orange)

    Yup, just adhesive, but there are some specific requirements: It must be applied (according to instructions) with bumper surface between 68 and 90 degrees F. You must use/make your own wetting solution for positioning the protector. I would not skip this step unless you want a really crooked...
  17. wilbur_xmas

    Very Impressed with Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+

    Correct, there is a pretty big combination of settings you can use to tailor the Co-Pilot 360+ Assist to your preference: Adaptive cruise control with start/stop (and ability to set following distance with steering wheel button) Can toggle lane centering on and off (steering wheel button) Car...
  18. wilbur_xmas

    Very Impressed with Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist+

    Overall I have been very impressed with the driver aids as well, though this is the first car I have owned that has offered such features. Unfortunately for me, the "Intelligent" cruise control setting is nearly unusable out here in CA. Why? Because almost every time there is a speed limit...
  19. wilbur_xmas

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    Averaging 25.6 mpg over 1500ish miles, mostly highway with adaptive cruise set at 7 over the speed limit which is mostly 65 and occasionally 70. Not as good as I was hoping, but acceptable. MPG starts diving pretty sharply as speeds exceed 70 mph which is not surprising given the aerodynamics of...
  20. wilbur_xmas

    Post the best photos you've got of your Bronco Sport

    Their site must not be updated. We ordered our LP5s and tires from tirerack 17x8" 5x108mm bolt pattern +38mm offset