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  1. Kraken

    anyone finding some of the easter eggs

    Lol there is, of all the the places.
  2. Kraken

    Confessions of a Week-Long Badlands Owner

    It was a bit of an adjustment, but not really in any negative way, everything was an improvement overall. I had a very old Accord in High School, then a 2005 Mustang, and now this Bronco Sport, so it's the first SUV type of vehicle I've ever driven. The drivability and comfort is fantastic. For...
  3. Kraken

    Mileage upon delivery

    Mine had 1.7 😁
  4. Kraken

    Only one FORD emblem !?!?

    It's one too many, in my opinion. The newer Mustangs don't even say Ford anywhere on them outside, and the Raptors and some other F-150s have the bold FORD molded into the grill. The blue oval looks classic on a Fusion, but I think it's out of place here. The issue with removing it is that the...
  5. Kraken

    Confessions of a Week-Long Badlands Owner

    I totally agree with your point 1 on size. Coming from a Mustang I'm still not use to having such a short hood and easy time turning into places. And backing up I'm always like "there's so much space!"
  6. Kraken

    Hood Graphics

    That's actually really cool.
  7. Kraken

    Vinyl letters overlay for the Front or back

    This is silver. Looks amazing and goes great with Iconic Silver. Has a nice metal look without being too shiny or chrome.
  8. Kraken

    Whats your BS's name and why

    Also coming from a Mustang, it still gets me every time I'm backing up. "How do I still have so much space!?"
  9. Kraken

    $500 is accessory cash, anyone know about it?

    Well that sucks I bought mine in seattle March 6 😕
  10. Kraken

    There's not a lot of Bronco Sport specific posters and art out, so I made my own

    Most of what I could find was big Bronco or Badlands related. So I took one of Ford's hi-res render images of the Iconic Silver Base model and photoshopped a silver border with some logos slapped on. Had it printed today at Office Depot on 36x24" foam board. If you're really close it is very...
  11. Kraken

    GOAT mode in heavy rain

    As an aside, is it okay to switch between GOAT modes while driving? The manual doesn't say anything about it one way or the other that I found. I was driving to work a couple weeks ago and it was dry at home, then 10 miles down the freeway was pouring rain with standing water on the road. I...
  12. Kraken

    Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?
  13. Kraken

    Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?

    It's actually a vinyl decal that goes over the badge. It's a perfect fit.
  14. Kraken

    Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?

    I got a fake carbon and white lettering off etsy. I think it's way better than the ugly blue oval.
  15. Kraken

    Vinyl letters overlay for the Front or back

    Wish I had seen this before butchering the grill with plastidip. I'm going to order a set in silver and in mean time figure out how to get the grill off to clean out all the gunk between the letters 😕
  16. Kraken

    Unexpected BS

    I liked Area 51 more, until I saw Cactus Grey in person. I got an Iconic Silver base, but the dealership had that exact same model as well. It's a great color, it's be my choice I went for a higher trim.
  17. Kraken

    So what would you change?

    My previous car was a 2006 Mustang with very barebones, (well really none at all) tech features. So it's been a bit of an adjustment getting used to everything. I don't like how the headlight knob is digital and spins continuously in either direction, tactile positions would be nice to reach...
  18. Kraken

    White Big Bend model has almost invisible BRONCO SPORT logo on rear hatch door. A can of Matte Black Plasti Dip really dresses it up nicely.

    It is strange. My Iconic Silver has black BRONCO letters on the front and back. So they make both colors already, why not mix them to get the best contrast. Tomorrow I'm going to plastidip the front either white or maybe silver/grey to match the paint. The letters are just slightly glossy...
  19. Kraken

    Any Complaints so far?

    My only complaint, which is more of a just getting used to a new vehicle type of thing, is I have hard time judging the passenger side distance with how flat the hood is. I get out and noticed I'm always favoring waaaay to the left when parking. But I've only been driving mine for 4 days. Other...