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  1. BS hood feels like it's going to fly out during car wash air dry part

    I dont know exactly what they are called, but the black rubber stopper things under the hood are adjustable but turning them. We had some play in our hood and I adjusted them so when the hood closes it a snug fit. Not sure if this will help what you are describing.
  2. Hatch back missed opportunity by Ford?

    I agree with Maxwellian. I have the swing door on my FJ and always wished it had a hatch. The swing out can be inconvenient is certain situations.
  3. Dent Repair

    I would go paintless dent repair first. If you go through insurance find out how much they are charging insurance company. I had this happen and because the they billed insurance over 1000 dollars somehow it was reported to carfax as an accident.
  4. White letters in or out? (BFG KO2)(TIRES)

    I have them on my FJ and went white out. good tire all around.
  5. White letters in or out? (BFG KO2)(TIRES)

    I think we're talking about tires here.
  6. How good will the non-Badlands trims be at off-roading?

    What is your plan for getting 12" of ground clearance?
  7. Additions to my base Bronco sport

    baja designs has a good looking set of fog lights specifically for the bronco sport.
  8. Oil change at what mileage / intervals?

    I hope you're not talking about cylinders being polished, because thats the absolute last thing you want.
  9. My Bronco Sport on Nitto Grappler 265 60R 18

    Whats the suspension setup?
  10. Recall: Downstream Catalytic Converter Replacement

    I just check that link using the vin for our Outer banks with 1.5l and nothing. If I recall ours was built the last week of january or first week of february.
  11. Greetings from Baja Designs

    Baja Designs gets a big thumbs up from me. I have some of their lights on my FJ and they are awesome.
  12. Anyone also Waiting for Bronco Deliver in New York City Area?

    I live in Brooklyn but we ordered ours from a dealer in Northern NJ. It actually showed up about 2 weeks before the tracker said it would.
  13. 12V Dc outlets port always on??

    thats not specific to the Bronco Sport. It was the same in our Escape as well.
  14. Any Complaints so far?

    Two things for me. First, does anyone else have an issue with their ears popping with the window slightly down on the highway or anything over 50mph? My ears pop like crazy and I get a headache even cruising on highway at sea level. Second, does anyone else hear their car making clicking noise...
  15. New owner from NorCal

    nice but post some pics of the CTR.
  16. 60% of Bronco Sport owners coming from different brands. Are you?

    Traded in the wifes 2012 escape hybrid limited with 80k on it. Car ran perfect for 8 years. body was great but only got 5k for trade in.
  17. Bronco Sport Big Bend vs Subaru Forester?

    I think your BS has the upper hand here but driver experience can make all the difference. I do a lot of offroading in my other truck which is a lifted FJ Cruiser and on the trails I see a lot of guys with trucks more modified than mine not making it through or over obstacles simply because they...