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  1. 2021 Bronco Sport exterior decals

    I'm interested in the rear sticker but I am wondering if you guys can make a Cactus Grey color? ( The same color as Bronco sport) Please let me...
  2. Pre Collision system is not working

    The Dealership need me to leave the car with them and give me a rental car. It's been almost a week Unfortunately Ford HQ is still researching this concern. I'll let you know how things work.
  3. Pre Collision system is not working

    I've own many cars that has pre collision sensor so I know how it works. I've tested my Bronco many ways , I was trying to hit another car's bumper without hitting the brake but no alarm so I need to brake in the last second or when the car in front of me stopped immediately. , I never ever...
  4. Pre Collision system is not working

    My Big Bend pre Collision sensor is not working at all. I never get any warning alarm or anything. I even set the sensitivity on high. So I took it to the Dealership, waiting and wasted time for a day and got this answer. They said they found error codes in the system for the fault but...
  5. Trail rig! Yakima platform rack installed. Still more to add

    That's awesome! I ordered mine via Rack Attack but it's currently backordered and they said they have no idea when the products will back instock from Yakima.
  6. 12V Dc outlets port always on??

    Hi everyone I just noticed that the DC power outlet (Cigg lighter port) does not shut off when I turn off the car. I plugged the GPS device , Phone charger or dashcam (it keeps power to whatever is plugged into the outlet even when the vehicle is off) Checked it after 30 minutes of having...