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  1. SLJ

    Wyoming OEM Rubber Floormats for Carpeted Bronco Sport

    If you have rubberized floors they won't fit.
  2. SLJ

    Rubberized seat backs

    The Big Bend should have come with them. You'll see the mounting pins on the backs of your rear seats. See your dealer.
  3. SLJ

    Odd, Soft Rattle Noise at Low Speed/RPM When Downshifting at Low Gear

    Turbo noise? Sounds like it's coming from the drivers side firewall under the dash? I've heard others talk about this being a noise the turbo makes on deceleration.
  4. SLJ

    I was told today (04/29/21) I could no longer order the bronco sport Badlands with Badlands package. Is this true?

    How would you even do that when you don't know what the 2022 trim levels, packages, or options are yet? Sounds like the dealer is just enjoying your money.
  5. SLJ

    I was told today (04/29/21) I could no longer order the bronco sport Badlands with Badlands package. Is this true?

    They stopped taking new orders for anything with the packages a couple of weeks ago (4/15) due to parts shortages.
  6. SLJ

    Radar sensor failure.

    Did you get the 360 package with it? If not it's most likely a software glitch.
  7. SLJ

    Installing aftermarket speakers and sub in Bronco Sport!

    For those of you only replacing the 6.5" factory speakers and not adding a sub, what ones have you used that sound better?
  8. SLJ

    Radar sensor failure.

    Got to be careful with those EZ-pass placements also.
  9. SLJ

    Aftermarket Roof Rack setup recommendations?

    I'm betting that 100 is more for rollover weight than strength and if you read the manual it says 100 pounds with the "panoramic roof" which the Sport doesn't have. It's also "crossbars" not the side rail weight limit. I'm using the Yakima Timberline towers with crossbars which is much sturdier...
  10. SLJ

    Mileage upon delivery

    I told my sales person NO TEST DRIVES when it comes in. Normal 4-6 miles, tested at the factory 26 miles. More than that someone was test driving it to see what it could do.
  11. SLJ

    Aftermarket Speaker Upgrades?

    Watching and waiting for someone to confirm what speakers/size are in the doors and what might be an upgrade for the base system. Still waiting for mine to come in. I don't need high volume but would like decent fidelity.
  12. SLJ

    Above the rear view mirror?

    Check your settings under security and see if you have a selection for interior motion detection on/off. Not sure if it's on all packages but it's an add on for Fords equipped for it. I know people with dogs have had to turn it off as their dogs set it off after you walk away from the car with...
  13. SLJ

    Above the rear view mirror?

    I don't think it's facing forward. Looks like it's pointing into the cabin. Still think it's the motion sensor for the cabin movement alarm that I was told.
  14. SLJ

    Above the rear view mirror?

    Dimming sensors are most likely in the mirror itself. I was told by a dealer that the sensor is for the alarm system's motion detection.
  15. SLJ

    On this episode of, "Is this noise normal?"...

    Sounds like Turbo breather noise. I think on the Bronco Sport 2.0 it's located at the left rear of the engine. I wheeze also after a hard run... (might not be called a breather)
  16. SLJ

    Above the rear view mirror?

    It's the sensor for your intrusion security system. If you leave the windows down but the doors locked it will sense motion and set off the alarm if someone reaches in. You can cover it but then you will be missing a part of your security system.
  17. SLJ

    Keyless entry codes

    Good to know. Factory manual isn't clear.