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  1. titleistforged

    Installed a Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack on my Badlands

    Wow the Kuat looks nice! I went with the Thule instead, but this looks great too.
  2. titleistforged

    New owner from NorCal

    Heh sure haha
  3. titleistforged

    Convince me I should get a Sport or Bronco vs......What sealed the deal for you?

    I recently owned a 2019 RAV4 Hybrid, and when I was deciding on the BS, the full size Bronco came to mind. Ultimately, if you want to 1. offroad 2. offroad 3. offroad, then the Big Bronco is for you. My use case was simple - drive to places that may or may not be paved, haul some stuff around...
  4. titleistforged

    New owner from NorCal

    Hello everybody, First time Bronco owner, and in fact, first time American car owner! (I've owned quite a lot of JDM/German in my past :confused:) I just picked up last weekend a Cactus Gray Big Bend. Super happy with it so far! I plan to use it for adventure-y things, hauling bikes and golf...