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  1. schizorage

    Moon Shade Awning

    My wife wanted an awning for our bronco sport, and I found this. Setup is a cinch. The included suction cups look like they'll work fine in calm conditions, and I threw some paracord into the bag so I can lash it to the roof rail if need be. There are...
  2. schizorage

    Show me your dogs!!

    Did a quick overnight camping trip to test 'er out. Ample room in our Base for my 70 and 130 pounders, and our camping gear.
  3. schizorage

    Oil Separator for Ecoboost

    Which can did you buy?
  4. schizorage

    Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    Old lady. I'm getting 22 city and 29 highway. Haven't broken 30 at any point, 29.9 is the best I've seen. I upgraded my tires to Falken Wildpeak A/T trails (225/65R17) almost as soon as I got the car, so I don't have a before/after, but I can't imagine I've lost too much to such a small...
  5. schizorage

    Will these Steel Wheels fit?

    It's what I went with for my full size spare, so it had better.
  6. schizorage

    All terrain tire size reccomendation

    These are a bit pricey for what they are, but they're waterproof and cinch closed. I still deal with the occasional bomb, but I'm not cleaning a poop massacre off of my car three times a day anymore, and I'm not constantly throwing out shredded plastic bags...
  7. schizorage

    All terrain tire size reccomendation

    These tires are fantastic in rain and snow. I haven't had a chance to get them dirty yet, but I presume they're going to be a great compromise between getting to the backroads and getting to the trail.
  8. schizorage

    All terrain tire size reccomendation

    Ignore the bag on the mirror, I'm still at daily war with a Robin who wants to fight his reflection.
  9. schizorage

    All terrain tire size reccomendation

    Falken Wildpeak AT Trails. 225/65R17
  10. schizorage

    All terrain tire size reccomendation

    Probably 235/65R17s, but even then I'd imagine that they could get all gaumed up with mud or snow in the fender wells. I stuck with 225/65R17s, at least until a lift kit I trust comes along. Even with a lift, though, 245/65R17 is gonna be the limit unless you want to start doing some trimming.
  11. schizorage

    Rough Country nudge bar installed

    Which lights are controlled by each switch?
  12. schizorage

    L mode

    The L button replaces the M button for non Badlands/FEs.
  13. schizorage

    Bronco Sport Big Bend vs Subaru Forester?

    Subaru's CVT transmissions (and likely any CVT,) have issues with cutting power with excessive spin. They do really well with a running start, but precise maneuvering at low speeds is absolutely easier with a more traditional transmission.
  14. schizorage

    Bronco Sport Big Bend vs Subaru Forester?

    ...and it's still gonna eat that forester, if the forester isn't lifted, etc. And if it is? The baby bronco aftermarket will catch up eventually, and if that's the route you wanna take it'll eat the forester then, too. There's no replacement for a solid gearbox.
  15. schizorage

    Bronco Sport Big Bend vs Subaru Forester?

    The Badlands IS a great vehicle. People who can justify the markup will point to the extra inch of clearance and the rear clutch and attribute the performance to those things, but the truth is, my base and your big bend are going to be just as capable in any situation these cars would see short...
  16. schizorage

    Extended Warranty/Service Plan - aftermarket vs Ford

    No, my new warranty is with Ford through a different dealer. My loan is through my local Ford associated Credit union. The original dealer just mailed a check to the credit union less a $75 processing fee. Took 2 weeks, no worries.
  17. schizorage

    Air Compressor

    I'm a fool, I misread your original post as 12v. I didn't realize some of 'em have outlets in the back.
  18. schizorage

    Air Compressor

    From what I understand the rear 12v doesn't have a fuse, so you might not want to use it with something with high current draw. I just bought a Viair 88P on Amazon; it's still a lighter duty compressor, but it connects directly to the battery.
  19. schizorage

    Over landing trails near us!

    Welp, it's on my to-do list now. Thanks for the heads up, sorry to hijack the thread 😀
  20. schizorage

    Over landing trails near us!

    Anything too rough for a Base model on A/Ts?