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  1. 2022 Bronco Sport Hybrid?

    I would be interested in a PHEV BS. My daily commute is less than 30 miles roundtrip so a plug-in would be perfect for me. The 1.5L turbo equipped with an electric motor for the rear would probably provide decent performance.
  2. Buy now or wait? (Didn't pre-order)

    I test drove a BB back in December because that’s all they had on the lot at the time. Thought the 1.5L would be underpowered but it felt fine to me for everyday driving.
  3. Buy now or wait? (Didn't pre-order)

    I believe it. I've seen more BB then every other trim combined. Only seen 1 OB and 2 BL in the wild.
  4. What price to expect?

    The dealer I bought mine from is selling every trim above MSPR now. It's not as bad as some other dealers are but I looked a few days ago and everything in inventory had a 1-2k "market adjustment".
  5. DC/Baltimore area?

    Anyone else in the DC/Baltimore metro area? I've been seeing more and more BS lately. Hadn't seen another BL in the wild until last week.
  6. Been seeing more BS's around my area.

    I'm starting to see more as well. Mostly base and BB. I've only see one other BL on the road.
  7. Buying Out From Under You?

    Everything ended up working out. I found another BS with everything I wanted and got it at another dealer a few weeks later. Been enjoying it for two months.
  8. Buying Out From Under You?

    Lost one dealer ordered car because the salesperson I was working with did a terrible job at explaining what I needed to do to secure the car. Guess I didn't lose it out from under me because it was never truly mine.
  9. Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Got the front windows tinted to match the rest + PPF on the hood.
  10. MPGs

    I'm at about 2600 miles. Averaging 25.1mpg per the trip computer. I've put 93 in for every tank except for the last 2.
  11. Looks like the delay will get worse

    The semiconductor shortage is a real concern. I had a year left on my lease but once I started seeing news reports about auto manufacturing feeling the effects I knew it was time to move for the BS now rather than when the lease is up.
  12. Dent Repair

    The dent on mine cost around $150 to repair. But it is 100% invisible now. PDR and a full detail do wonders.
  13. Will we get Blue-Cruise for our 2021 Bronco Sports?

    I think full self driving is an awesome technological feat but it's not something I would pay a subscription fee for. For me the 360+ 2.0 package is just right. I don't do enough highway driving or road trips to need FSD.
  14. Dent Repair

    I found a small dent in my passenger door, likely from a neighbor who cannot park a car in a straight line to save their life. Fortunately I'm already scheduled to take my car in to the detailer this week so he'll pop it out, sure it'll add $100 or so to the final bill. Yours looks deeper than...
  15. New Bronco Sport Owners Break In Period

    Varying the RPM of the engine gives the components a chance to get settled in to their designed tolerances. You probably wouldn't harm the engine from driving it at a constant speed, but it may cause some components to wear out prematurely down the road.
  16. Bronco Off-Roadeo registration open

    From the email
  17. Bronco Off-Roadeo registration open

    I sent an email to the address at the bottom of the website. They were quick to reply and just now confirmed that they have verified my vehicle.
  18. Mileage upon delivery

    I don't remember exactly but I had less than 10mi on mine when I picked it up.
  19. Issues with wireless charging pad?

    I have an iPhone 11 and have no issues with wireless charging.
  20. Bronco Off-Roadeo registration open

    I got the verification email but they weren't able to verify my car since I took a dealer ordered car vs having a custom order. I emailed them about it.