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  1. 2021 Bronco Sport Order Guide! (Options, Packages, Equipment, Accessories Revealed)

    Except for the “not available packages”, there really aren’t any noticeable changes. Right?
  2. Installed a Kuat NV 2.0 bike rack on my Badlands

    Zach, how is it living with the Cyber Orange color? I think it looks nice on the Bronco Sport, especially with a black roof, but I don’t know whether I can live with it or months, for maybe years. I’m still trying to decide what color to choose.
  3. Greetings from The Bluegrass

    Many of us live in a house or an apartment. Congrats for living in the bluegrass. Do you have many ticks in there?
  4. 2.0 EcoBoost Coolant Leak / Lawsuit

    My 2016 Escape 2.0 Ecoboost engine’s failed at 65,000 miles which seems to be in line with others in that class action lawsuit. The reason was just like the others; coolant leaked into the cylinders. I had to pay the full price, $6,000 for a replacement engine. Thanks a lot Ford <sarcasim> for...
  5. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    Hi, I’m JoeyBoy. I enjoy long walks on the beach, candle-light dinners, and blah blah blah. Actually, I’m waiting to purchase a Badlands edition. I’m waiting for when there’s more of them in stock, maybe I’ll order, and I’m waiting for dealers to negotiate some more. I’m fussy about which color...
  6. Confessions of a Week-Long Badlands Owner

    Did any Badlands Owners previously have the 2.0 ecoboast in their former Escape? It’s basically the same engine from what I understand. I just wonder how that engine compares when placed inside the Badlands. In my 2016 Escape, that engine is a lot of fun to drive. It sprints up steep hills like...
  7. Confessions of a Week-Long Badlands Owner

    So the Android Auto isn’t wireless On Sync 3. Is the Apple CarPlay wireless?
  8. Confessions of a Week-Long Badlands Owner

    What do the rubber gaskets under the crossbars look like? Any photos?