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  1. Geelloo90042

    BS hood feels like it's going to fly out during car wash air dry part

    I just noticed today that as well. First time in the dryer after a quick brushless wash. The sound of the dryer jets combined with the visuals of my hood flexing and vibrating felt like I was taking flight. @Jrl What is it made out of? Alu-mini-um?😉
  2. Geelloo90042

    Update to Sync 3, version 3.4 Build 21020

    Be patient and keep a look out for on screen prompts..sync3 update took about an hour and the nav update took about the same time. Requires like 1-2 cycles (turn off car and turn on). Glad to see that the cubby is used for face mask storage..I do the 10-15 used disposable masks can...
  3. Geelloo90042

    Update to Sync 3, version 3.4 Build 21020

    Yes there is. I went to this link and did the file download, not the USB order purchase route
  4. Geelloo90042

    My Badlands build

    Honestly so far..for me as I haul computer equipment and printers at gets in the way or requires shuffling, or to just get that shelf out of the way! I only like that I can have my supply bag on the shelf, and I just need to open the glass to grab cords, parts, etc. Hopefully, you can...
  5. Geelloo90042

    My Badlands build

    The CMS should not be a deal breaker, Enjoy the ride!!
  6. Geelloo90042

    Update to Sync 3, version 3.4 Build 21020

    How was the install? Was it like a 2 part install? After the first and 2nd installation steps via USB. After I took out the USB stick, switch to Wifi, I did another check and it was downloading the other file via wifi, file: 4U5T-14G423-CC.tar.gz. Although in the radio and my Ford account shows...
  7. Geelloo90042

    Blank display

    Yeah..that doesn't look right to me. Looks like something is going on ..take it to service
  8. Geelloo90042

    Hood bulge glare

    Thank you all for the suggestions so far.
  9. Geelloo90042

    Blank display

    I am thinking you have "calm" display on, and maybe lane departure active...that moves the digital speedometer to the right. Also, Check the setup you have by pressing the menu button, on the right side of the steering wheel. There you have options to display, like trip, Intelligent 4wd, etc.
  10. Geelloo90042

    Hood bulge glare

    Are any owners finding the glare from the bulges too much to handle? Has anyone found a product like a clear light diffuser or a hood decal that covers the bulge to reduce light glare? I do wear polarized shades but it's not enough. I already looked at vortex designs and I can't find a...
  11. Geelloo90042

    First Edition - Cross Racks?

    I'm in the same situation too with my Badlands. What I was told, for DIO, the parts ship separately from the car. And they are still trying to track it since 4/ I'll give an update later in this thread
  12. Geelloo90042

    Bronco Sport Earns Highest IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

    Now it's time for the moose avoidance test. Wonder if it will roll like an old Suzuki.
  13. Geelloo90042

    Hazard Lights for Bronco Sport

    As far as I know, they flash like normal hazards. I think what you are seeing is the flickering caused by the video's recording refresh rate is not matching the led's electrical current light cycle (LED flash too fast for our eyes to capture)
  14. Geelloo90042

    Will mountain bike fit inside without removing tires?

    Update: 2-27.5 mtb bikes will not fit..only if they were small frame bikes. Seat post lowered all the way. This is my experience with the Bandlands trim. My 27.5 Large could not fit. Too tall. My girlfriends' bike did. My guess is if I had the other lower trims, then it might be possible with...
  15. Geelloo90042

    Bronco sport in production since Monday

    If your build date week has not changed then it should be built next week. It should built in a day or 2 after hitting the assembly line. I was in the same situation and it did get built during the scheduled week.
  16. Geelloo90042

    Official AREA 51 Bronco Sport Thread

    Honestly the shade changes with the brightness of the sun. I know pictures won't do it justice, but if you get a chance, you should find one at a local dealer to see the color. I myself was blown away by the way it looks. I got a lot of compliments. My sister did say color looks girly. That was...
  17. Geelloo90042

    Waiting room

    Just got my Bronco today. BL+BL, area51, tow, CMS, Pirelli's , no steelies So far so good. 1 thing I noticed with the cargo management system. If you need to open the spare tire compartment, you can't fully lift it because the ledges for the CMS will block it. You will have to slide out /...
  18. Geelloo90042

    Where is plug for Block Heater?

    I am taking a guess. Have you checked around the front bumper area? Look behind a fog light or look for some type of compartment, maybe there is an extension or in the front grill area? If possible, get under car or look for the engine heater and trace the cord.
  19. Geelloo90042

    Arm rests too low

    For the center arm rest. I agree that it is kind of low for some people who have short arms/long torsos, or whatever. When I had a 04 Forester XT, the arm rest was low. I bought a Subaru part that extended the storage area, in which that lifted the arm rest. Maybe in the future there might be...
  20. Geelloo90042

    Comprehensive Testing of First Edition's Off-Roading Abilities -- by Driving Sports TV

    I think he was referring to Ford's off road suspension : H.O.S.S; high speed, off road , suspension, system. That's included on every model, the BL gets extra goodies added with it, like special front dampers, and reinforced rear struts