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  1. TXArchitect

    Orders in Houston

    I ordered about the same time @dreamwrx and my build starts the week of December 7th. I do not doubt yours will be in line with mine on the same day.
  2. TXArchitect


    $42,350 for 4 Door Big Bend, 2.7L, Mid Package, Aux Switch, LED Headlights and Tow Package. $43,735 for 4 Door Outerbanks, 2.3L, Aux Switch and Tow Package (Mid Package included). As close as I can get it to the Big Bend model.
  3. TXArchitect

    Orders in Houston

    I am in East San Antonio area so not too far from Houston.
  4. TXArchitect

    w/ + w/o tow hitch

    Anyone know what the tongue weight limit is for the Class II Receiver?
  5. TXArchitect


    When my order comes in at the end of December I will know if I still want the Sport FE or not. I reserved a 4-door Big Bend trim for the big brother Bronco also as a back up plan since the pricing will be about the same if the Sport does not meet my expecations.
  6. TXArchitect

    Bronco Sport trim badges are reflective

    Would love to see how this reflective badge looks on a First Edition with the Blue background. . .
  7. TXArchitect

    Fender Flare Kit is it standard on the BL or FE?

    Does anyone know if the Fenders option (painted or non-painted) are standard on the BL or FE? It is not an option above the Outerbanks model. Says available on ALL models with late availability. The photo makes me think its standard on the FE (IMHO). @Granger Ford ?
  8. TXArchitect

    Build & Price Updated With More Options -- i.e. Fender Flare Kit. Sans BL & FE

    So fender flares are shown on an FE but they are not std or an option in the B+P? Weird. Hope they figure out all this stuff before mine starts production on Dec 7th.
  9. TXArchitect

    0-60 (Estimated)

    When is MT right about most things? MT does not regularly shine Ford products in a positive light. When in doubt, report worse case scenarios.
  10. TXArchitect

    Cargo Management System [updated with how-to-use video]

    I added mine last week. For FE, the Cargo management was not even an option back in July.
  11. TXArchitect

    OFFICIAL KODIAK BROWN Bronco Sport Thread

    I hope I do not need to push the seat that far back to get in.
  12. TXArchitect

    Order Status on Ford's site

    Too many numbers! My head hurts. . .o_O
  13. TXArchitect

    360 degree camera

    And rear back up camera similar to Escape.
  14. TXArchitect

    Collectibility of First Editions

    I’m just getting FE for all the perks and options available. Hope to keep in good condition to give to my son when he is old enough to drive.
  15. TXArchitect

    Official ICONIC SILVER Bronco Sport Thread

    Haha “sport Bronco”.
  16. TXArchitect

    “size comparison”

    I’ll stick with the BS. Too many things to go wrong on that money pit.
  17. TXArchitect

    This is the Bronco Sport Key Fob

    Would like a better view of the buttons on the fob to see what it does. Assume door locks, hood, alarm and back window.
  18. TXArchitect

    Official CARBONIZED GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    we had this one in San Antonio TX yesterday for training at Jordan Ford.
  19. TXArchitect

    First Edition Bronco Sport Shown in Cyber Orange

    I am told that you can go to a Lincoln dealership and request a view of any of their Black Label trims with this color seat. Might be worth a quick trip since mannequins are not scheduled to reach dealerships till probably December.
  20. TXArchitect

    Ranger Tremor vs. Bronco Sport

    I’m just glad there’s more options and better competition coming. Whatever to get the best off raider for the best price. Yes!