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  1. Ford pass reward points

    Just discovered that Ford Pass Rewards points “can’t” be used for purchases of accessories in Canada! That really blows!
  2. Temperature display in metric

    Here is what the Canadian Owners Manual has:
  3. How to communicate with your Bronco Sport using Siri Shortcuts

    They removed the Apple Watch Ford Pass App a month or so ago.....since it was riddled with bugs after every update. I got a message on the Ford Pass App stating that they are working "hard" to bring back the Apple Watch Ford Pass app in the "future."
  4. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    The reason is, when COVID-19 hit in early 2020, many of the chip manufacturing plants (not in North America) were forced to shut down. Then, when COVID-19 cases spiked in North America, many of the Auto Manufacturers shut down their plants for months! Now, going back to the chip manufacturers...
  5. Issues with wireless charging pad?

    Apple Watch does not charge on anything but an Apple Watch specific charger so they can’t be charged wirelessly on a car charging pad. My iPhone 12 does not charge in my Ford Edge on the charging pad. My previous iPhone XR did! Very frustrating!
  6. Show me your dogs!!

    Hello from Northern Ontario, Canada. Still waiting for my BS Outer Banks to arrive and so is my co-pilot . When he is in a vehicle with me, he is seatbelted in. Here is a photo of him in my Mustang Convertible!
  7. Rear flood lamps on tailgate

    As per the Owners Manual, the lights will operate for 45-minutes then shut off automatically and will shut off when the rear hatch door is closed . This is from the Bronco Sport Canadian Owners manual.
  8. Keyless entry on all doors?

    If it was working and now isn’t, it would be worth asking the dealer to do some research to see if an update or a sensor glitch is to blame.
  9. Keyless entry on all doors?

    Hey everyone, a friend of mine has a Bronco Sport and I can confirm that you can open and unlock the rear hatch door with the keyless entry Fob in your pocket. This is from the Canadian Bronco Sport Owners Manual.
  10. Heyo - any fellow Canadians here?

    I ordered mine in Iconic Silver, what colour did you order?
  11. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! 🤝

    I am waiting for m Outerbanks to arrive, and so is my Husky!
  12. Air conditioning

    Do you have Auto AC in your Big Bend? In Auto setting, the fan speed changes automatically to cool the vehicle as quickly as possible to maintain the set temperature. I never use the Auto AC setting in any of my vehicles because of the situation you are describing. I use manual setting...
  13. Heyo - any fellow Canadians here?

    Good morning from Northern Ontario. Placed my order for an OB + OB pckg, Co-Pilot 360+, towing Pckg, Floor Liners and cargo mat, mudflaps. Order was placed 1st week in March at my local Ford Dealer on “Priority Status”, no news on progress in the building process yet! Waiting not so patiently...
  14. what does everyone drive while waiting for their Broncos?

    Hello from Northern Ontario, Canada. I currently drive a 2019 Ford Edge Titanium.