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  1. LED bulbs for tail lights

    When you look at the tail lights with the trunk open, there’s a black plastic/rubber trim piece around the inner edge of the assembly towards the trunk seal. Wedge your fingers between the tail light and that trim piece and pull straight back, it is attached by two pop clips and that’s it. The...
  2. LED bulbs for tail lights

    I am hoping for some research from fellow forum users so we can eventually find the "perfect bulbs" for the turn signals. The Lasfit 921A bulbs I had 50/50 success with. The first pair hyperflashed, the second pair didn't for the first few weeks and then started intermittently. I switched to...
  3. Adding Cargo Management System - Here's Part Numbers and Cost to Retrofit

    I doubt that pricing will remain like that. The pricing for parts that have been found so far has been ridiculously high (stock 17" Big Bend wheel for $750??) - I think the pricing is that way just because of supply/demand with the backlog of these vehicles. Give it some time and these prices...
  4. Disable Auto Start Stop?

    I was one of the first to buy the eliminator module - the FB group was full of critics. 4000+ miles later and 3 months, not a single hiccup... and we have stopped hating the vehicle giving that "bump" every time it fires back up at every damn country road stop sign.
  5. Unofficial MPG thread for the 1.5L

    50/50 mix of city and highway driving in the southeast with Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus tires in stock size - 25mpg consistently.
  6. Has someone brought their bronco sport to Freeman Park in NC?

    We took my friend's Ford Raptor and my Colorado ZR2 over it last summer. No issues in 4WD High with tires aired down. I never once got close to a scary moment with the ZR2. With that said, the issue always comes down to the idiots on the beach that create huge ruts that everyone else has to...
  7. LED bulbs for tail lights

    Sorry for the late reply. I have been swapping bulbs out finding the best combination. Right now I am on Putco bulbs that you can get off Amazon and are almost identical to the Sylvania ZEVO in design (the first model with round heat sinks). My issue is that I’m getting the occasional hyper...
  8. LED bulbs for tail lights

    None here - but I have a personal grudge against Diode. They allowed a site to become one of their dealers - and then the site shut down. Diode refused to warranty their own product even with a date of purchase and such... they wanted their original invoice which I couldn't get anymore. So that...
  9. LED bulbs for tail lights

    I got my Lasfit replacements in and they were perfect. So I chalked that up to a fluke. The Philips were perfect - except light output was a little lower than I liked. But I will say it was within OEM spec.
  10. Transceiver Installation thread (Ham, CB, GMRS). Radio unit and antenna installation

    That VGC was a fun little radio when it came out - but I haven't seen one in person yet! It seems to be quite a winner to have VHF/UHF/APRS in one body - if it still does APRS versus when it was being promoted. The 90s in the coax and it running parallel to the power shouldn't be an issue. RFI...
  11. Will I regret the 225/65 A/T tires?

    We have the Pirelli Scorpion AT Plus going on Tuesday, in stock 225/65-17 size. We wanted to keep it as "stock" as possible until the dust settles on the lifts and reliability/longevity. The Big Bend is of course not a Badlands - but I can say the vehicle is plenty capable overall, with tires...
  12. Firewall Penetration - for power lead, antenna, cable, etc from under the dash to the engine compartment?

    Looks great! That is about identical to what I am planning on doing. My only concern now is 1) radio deck mounting, and 2) antenna location. How are you tackling those?
  13. LED bulbs for tail lights

    Luckily the Lasfit bulbs worked this time around - I am guessing typical Chinese quality meant I just got a defective pair. To add to the fun though, Amazon decided to send me 7444 amber/white switchback bulbs instead of the white bulbs I ordered - so I had to return them since they lit up...
  14. New SYNC3 Version software update for Bronco Sport

    I’ve played with the SYNC 4 and it’s definitely an upgrade from the 3... but that’s absolutely wrong to call it “outdated”... might as well call it different price points for different vehicles. More expensive vehicle = flashier tech. By comparison, GM has been using the same tech with a face...
  15. Removing Grill Letters

    Definitely interested in the part numbers for the front and back!
  16. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Looks great! Thanks for the video - I saw someone on the FB group that used another Amazon brand with no hyperflash as well - I am calling it bad bulbs now. I am returning home tomorrow and installing the new bulbs - so fingers crossed!
  17. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Just depends on how much light output you want. I’ll tell you now based on my experience with DD - the lowest model is never worth it. And the highest model is eye-scorching bright. Personally I’ve sworn off DD after they fought me on a warranty replacement that ended up costing me $200 to...
  18. LED bulbs for tail lights

    Update: My Lasfit 921 bulbs are exhibiting "hyperflash" but they're blinking at the normal rate when looking at the turn signals front and rear. They sometimes blink normal, then hyperflash. I am assuming they're bad bulbs and have replacements on the way. The Philips bulbs I am replacing with...
  19. News on suspension kits ?? Or bumpers ?

    When is Rigid going to quit teasing these products and give us an order date? I wanted their ditch light mounts to use as an antenna mount - and I would LOVE that bull bar.
  20. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    I might have a dud set and need to get a replacement from Amazon - but on my Big Bend its acting like a bulb is out even though everything is flashing normally... and I do not see why the Badlands would behave differently lol