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  1. Adding Tow Hitch

    For sure, UHaul seems to offer the best prices. Cheapest quote I got by a couple hundred dollars. I've scheduled a new appointment to get the 4-pin connector they originally installed, upgraded to a 7-pin. I purchased the Curt Echo Mobile Brake Controller from Amazon. It's not a cheap piece of...
  2. Anyone installing CB / HAM radio?

    Put a GMRS transceiver in mine. Got a Midland MXT275 which has all of the controls in the handset. The radio is under the drivers seat. I ran the antenna wire along the rubber door seal, then out by the upper hinge to the hood. Power comes from the 12 volt outlet in the dash via an extension cable.
  3. Trailer wiring harness recommendations?

    I just got a hitch installed at uhaul. They used a Curt adapter (59236). The output is a 4-pin flat. I'm finding the campers i want to pull require a 7-pin to drive the brakes. The Ford wiring seems to be 4-pin which doesn't help.
  4. Adding Tow Hitch

    I think the picture could be a lot better. So now I'm finding out that the teardrop trailers I'm looking at have 7-pin connectors and brakes. This means I need a 4 pin to 7 pin adapter and a brake controller. Or have them replace the 4 pin wiring with 7 pin.
  5. Adding Tow Hitch

    Got the Draw Title hitch installed yesterday at U-Haul.
  6. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    The kinds of chips that are in short supply are the ones that control displays and are used for memory. These chips are used by all kinds of equipment, including cars.
  7. Adding Tow Hitch

    After waiting almost two months for U-Haul to find the tow bar I paid for, I bought one from -- the Draw Tite. Should arrive Thursday. Hoping to get U-Haul to install it; otherwise, give me a full refund.
  8. UHAUL lists two receiver options

    I ordered my Curt tow bar from UHaul around March 9 and am still waiting for it. They have no ETA and claim they are trying to source one the best they can, including other vendors. I like how the Curt fits. The tow bar from seems more awkward, and is back ordered to the end of...
  9. Adding Tow Hitch

    I ordered a tow bar from U-Haul on March 9th for installation of March 21st. I am still waiting for it to arrive. Called them yesterday and was told there's a 6 to 8 week wait. That doesn't make sense if someone ordered March 1st and got it this week. In case you're interested, here's the...
  10. How will the Badlands suspension impact on road driving?

    I love driving my Badlands with stock rims and tires. Only thing that feels "truckish" about it is the body. The ride is smooth and forgiving. Handling is very nimble. I also have a Chevy Bolt, which has a tight suspension and you keep the tires at 38psi. That thing jostles you around.
  11. Anti sway?

    My Badlands has no trailer package, but came with the Trailer Sway Control. So that's a big plus when I get a third-party hitch installed.
  12. My biggest complaint about the Bronco Sport in the moonroof

    Just opened my moon roof. It pokes up a little above the stock rack rail. I would expect with the cross rail risers you would be okay.
  13. My biggest complaint about the Bronco Sport in the moonroof

    Perhaps what I saw was on another vehicle; however, a panoramic sunroof goes from front to back. The moon roof only covers the driver and passenger seats. The rear seats have a reinforced metal roof.
  14. My biggest complaint about the Bronco Sport in the moonroof

    I don't think the moon roof does reduce the rooftop accessories. The owner's manual says the 100 lb limit is for the "panoramic roof" I've seen pictures of the panoramic roof and it's a much larger creature than the moon roof The Bronco Sport configuration tool will allow you to configure a BS...