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  1. White letters in or out? (BFG KO2)(TIRES)

    Agreed. I was really wanting to do Black letters on my Alto Blue OB as I also was/am not a fan of the White. But, I agree the Black on Black grill disappears on the Alto Blue (which looks black most of time). I actually decided to keep the white on the back as well, but did get an overlay for...
  2. Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    So I decided against doing the vinyl letters, but I did order the Ford Logo Vinyl overlay. Black Matte background with White letters for my Alto Blue OB. Totally unnecessary but was itching to do something! :) It looks great! The black is almost a dead match for that Alto Blue (most of the...
  3. Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?

    I ordered the Black Matte background with White letters for my Alta Blue OB. Totally unnecessary but was itching to do something! :) It looks great! The black is almost a match for that Alta Blue (most of the time) and the white matches the BRONCO letters in white.
  4. Yakima Offgrid basket installed

    Looks great. Is it pretty light? I know there are some heavier ones out there that cut into load capacity.
  5. Whats your BS's name and why

    My 9 yo daughter named it "Billy" as in Billy Goat. Seemed silly to me at first but it stuck. And now I always have to do my best Judge Smails from Caddyshack when I say his name
  6. Adding Tow Hitch

    Dang. I was afraid of that. I may look into someone else doing install and see if I can get Ford dealership to offer something else "in kind" since they won't be doing Tow add.
  7. Adding Tow Hitch

    So, has anyone actually had Ford install one for them yet? I have been waiting 5 weeks, and just heard another "3-4 weeks" but that seems to be their standard answer for "not sure". @Sargent28 I think you had been waiting months...did you ever get yours? Sucks as I negotiated that add-on...
  8. Cargo Management System alternatives?

    In case anyone is struggling with what to use... So I ordered and received a "Car Backseat Trunk Organizer - Auto Hanging Seat Back Storage - Multipurpose Cargo Accessory" from Amazon. It hangs from the back head rests. I was surprised at how sturdy it was and the pockets are bigger than I...
  9. Air Compressor

    Great feedback here. And thanks for the test @Willow Might be silly question but...What do ya'll use to deflate? Read something on here about a "Deflator" but before that just assumed everyone did that "by hand". Thanks!
  10. 2022 wishes now that '21 ordering is done...

    A few that seem like these should have been easy to include: - Integrated Garage Door Opener - Underseat storage on all trims (or at least an option on all) - Cargo cover Standard, or at least built for it (NOT storage system, just a pull back cover) - Automated cargo door
  11. Ford pass reward points

    Did you have to go to the dealer or were you able to order/pay online? I have tried to used my points to purchase online but havent been able to.
  12. Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?

    That's nice! May have to think about what would look good with the Alto Blue!
  13. Outer Banks first road trip thoughts

    Great review. Wish I had that Nav package. I have to use AirPlay for mine (or wired Sync) and it doesn't interact with Center Screen. Mine must have been a canceled order and I have no 360, no OB package, but I just jumped at the chance anyway!!
  14. Yakima Timberline Cross Bars

    Yep. My bad. Was entering in for hyperlink and had a senior moment.
  15. Official ALTO BLUE Bronco Sport Thread

    Has anybody here had Black letters put on the Alto Blue? Someone on a different thread shared a company, Vortex Designs, that has different color Vinyl letters for the BS. I have seen how sharp the black letters look on the Base Grey and was thinking about doing it with my Alto Blue OB...
  16. Vinyl letters overlay for the Front or back

    How was Install of the individual letters? Pretty tedious or straightforward?
  17. Yakima Timberline Cross Bars

    They are most likely 60" as that seems to be the default when you look it up on Levitown or Rack Attack etc.
  18. Yakima Timberline Cross Bars

    Cross bars. If that is what you are asking? The 50" Jet Streams. It seems like the default recommendation for the BS is 60" but I got the 50" off Amazon. Yakima Timberline Crossbars
  19. Roll Call

    San Antonio, Texas here. Fair amount of base models on lot here but got lucky with an Alta Blue OB/no OB coming in late one night and dealer calling me. Got mine 3/20/21 and have seen ONE on the road.
  20. Center console organizer?

    received my Cosilee tray this weekend and it fits great. the hold for the charging cables is perfect. Really happy with the way it turned out. Side note...the wife had been teasing me about me raving about the info I get from this group. After the tray...she is a convert! Great recommendation.