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  1. SportWest

    Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Small data point: I checked prices for Big Bend trims with Assist+. Hardly any available nationwide but they're going for $37k and up -- I got mine for MSRP with $500 cash back a month ago.
  2. SportWest

    Looks like the delay will get worse

    Looking on the positive side, I'm hoping the issues over the past year will induce more localized (antifragile) supply chains in the long-term.
  3. SportWest

    White roof wrap.. what do you think about it?

    Some examples in this thread from the FB group.
  4. SportWest

    Rubberized seat backs

    Yes, they're included. See p. 6 of the Bronco Sport order guide. One of my covers might need to be replaced because the snaps aren't well-aligned with the seat back, so it's not fully on at the moment. I'll try baking it in the sun for some extra pliability, otherwise I'll have the dealer take...
  5. SportWest

    'S' in Sport crooked...

    Doing that this weekend and leaving them off. The more I look at it, the more I think there are too many letters crammed in there.
  6. SportWest

    Ford pass reward points

    Snagged some all-weather floor liners today from the dealer; unfortunately I don't have @Theowlhoothoot magic points so my balance dropped right after I got them.
  7. SportWest

    Will we get Blue-Cruise for our 2021 Bronco Sports?

    Another perspective: it's a great move for Ford shareholders. You've got Ford financing capturing some vig every month, now they've developed a service that can bring in $200/yr/user in recurring revenue with low marginal cost.
  8. SportWest

    Bronco Sport April 2021 Sales Boost Record April Sales for Ford SUVs

    I considered a 2020 RAV4 Adventure and even rented one for an extended test drive. As a former Toyota owner, I was a disappointed with just about every aspect of the vehicle. The side mirror was shaped such that you'd hear a loud whistling noise at speed, and the stripping along the roof rails...
  9. SportWest

    Bronco Sport April 2021 Sales Boost Record April Sales for Ford SUVs

    When I first considered a Sport, back in Jan/Feb, a salesman told me they'd love nothing more than to have a lot full of them. At the time, his dealer had 20-30 used RAV4s (former rentals) and he said a number of people shopping for the Sport opted for a RAV4 just to get something.
  10. SportWest

    2021 v 2022

    If you're intent on the BL+BL and can't wait, I'd suggest sooner rather than later, especially if you can get 0.9% financing from Ford. From what I've read in the threads here, certain options (BL, 360 Assist+) introduce additional production delays. If supply constraints remain for another...
  11. SportWest

    Paint Issues

    That and the dirt & pollen in-between washes -- I knew there was a reason I had to get CG!
  12. SportWest

    Extended Warranty/Service Plan - aftermarket vs Ford

    For those with GEICO auto insurance, you can add their 'mechanical breakdown insurance' before 15,000 miles or 15 months. It's good for 7 years/100k miles and (in my experience) cheaper than extended warranties -- if you intend to stick with GEICO the whole time. I also like that it's a...
  13. SportWest

    How to communicate with your Bronco Sport using Siri Shortcuts

    Very cool, going to try this soon. Is the start button in this configuration 'instant'? One thing I like about FordPass is that you have to press and hold to start.
  14. SportWest

    Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Any BB's in Michigan that match your specs? I ask because when I was searching for mine, Michigan was loaded with inventory (relatively speaking) and I was considering a road trip. Maybe better quality paint ;) I thought about waiting until 2022 but a) my old car was falling apart and b) you...
  15. SportWest

    Any Complaints so far?

    Minor complaints: 1) The notification messages for 'routine' actions stay on the display for too long. For example, after switching off auto-start you get a message. This means I can't turn off auto-start and then quickly switch GOAT modes because the display is 'occupied.' I can already see...
  16. SportWest

    Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Hah, when shopping for a new car it was down to the Forester and Bronco Sport. The Forester's a solid car for the class and price, but incredibly...boring. And I'd rather deal with the 1.5 L w/ wet timing belt than Subaru's CVT. This thread makes me glad I traveled across two states to pick up...
  17. SportWest

    Official CACTUS GRAY Bronco Sport Thread

    Depending on lighting, the green 'pops' enough to remind me of the light green/mint Forest Service rigs I'd see as a kid.
  18. SportWest

    Cargo Management System alternatives?

    I found them at my local Costco for $6.99/ea and purchased four. The only 'issue' I had with the " @BabyBro Cargo Management System" was not raising the cargo mat -- the crates won't fit. But once you do that, the two crates against the back seat sit nice and snug and won't shift. The other two...
  19. SportWest

    Confessions of a Week-Long Badlands Owner

    As an F-150 owner, I'm still surprised when I'm backing out in the Sport: wait, there's no ass on this thing and it has a small turning radius? The designers did an excellent job of making it feel 'truckish.'
  20. SportWest

    Front window sunshade that fits the Bronco Sport? They have the OEM sunshade but curious if anyone has other suggestions that fit the Sport.