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  1. Looks like the delay will get worse

    They will fix it and then a year down the road the bean counters will force the JIT inventory back, because it's cheaper than holding inventory.
  2. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Is someone building another waiting room?
  3. Waiting room

    Met a BS on a trip to Fargo. Pretty much bummed me out as I have been waiting since Aug 2nd. :frown:
  4. Waiting room

    Mine is in a rail yard, Junction Pt In Gateyard IL according by the VVR. If I look at palsapp it says, its in Dilworth. In any case it's head to small dealer,. and waiting on a truck. from the Ford track website Your vehicle is In Transit or on its way to your dealership. Transit times vary...
  5. Bronco Sport Earns Highest IIHS Top Safety Pick+ Award

    For those of us who haven't kept up with the safety ratings: How does this affect government 5 star safety rating on the windows stickers?
  6. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    I think I would be worried if mine were in production when they shut down.
  7. Wrapping the hood: satin or glossy?

    My PPF guy didn't ask that, maybe because I am also ceramic coating the whole vehicle afterwards? Or maybe he gets the vehicle and chooses. He has a incredible reputation locally so I am not worried about it. Xpel Ultimate Plus?
  8. Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    Don't forget to factor in start and stop time. Assembly lines don't exact stop and start easy. The more automated the line usually the harder they are to restart.
  9. Paint Issues

    t The reply back... It’s hard to say on the door cups, because I haven’t installed any on the Bronco yet, so I’m not sure how big the coverage is, but It would if the film covers that area. As far as the hood goes I’d say that’s from the wipers hitting the paint when they are lifted up. A way...
  10. Paint Issues

    I am sure they are all aluminum then. It would be to expensive to change over. I asked early( months are on this forum) but nobody responded. Thank you for your answer. I will get mine next month and that will be the first real hands on for me. It still keeps my choice of PPF and Ceramic...
  11. Paint Issues

    Oh with the paint issues I thought that 2021 Ford Bronco's New Lightweight Steel Might Make Ford Reconsider Its Aluminum Trucks ( applied to the sport as well.
  12. Paint Issues

    I just emailed my PPF and ceramic coating guy with a couple of ThruDark s pics asking if the door handle pocket would have covered the door nick and if ceramic coating would have helped the rear hood lip. I also asked about ceramic coating keeping the swirls out of the black plastic pillar covers.
  13. Paint Issues

    Damn...not even in areas where I would expect chips, like the front edges. rocker panels etc. The last one with it under the rear lip of the hood...that has to be more than the steel alloy from ArcelorMittal. The harder the steel the poorer the paint adhesion, but this is more than that. Did...
  14. Paint film, windshield film and Ceramic Coating

    I will ask next time a talk with Valley Mars. I personally am putting on Paint Protection Film Pre-Cut Kits ( P0574F-U . Then ceramic coating the PPF. I would thing that the application of the ceramic coating by itself will put swirls in the plastic.
  15. Future aftermarket mods/upgrades

    A metal under the front plastic chin strap for our glass jaws. It looks like the only place it can be mounted is between the two hooks, so I want something that can keep the tow hooks also. See Rough Country Nudge Bar.
  16. Arm rests too low

    I can see it now...lower BS's.
  17. Wish the hood was flat

    It probably adds some rigidity also. Edges are stronger than flat panels. Think meeting a semi when the wind is right. I remember seeing a post about the hood flexing.
  18. Any Complaints so far?

    Thank you! you are reaffirming my choice to PPF and Ceramic Coat.
  19. OFFICIAL OXFORD WHITE Bronco Sport Thread

    SALE! BADLANDS license plate frame (Ford Bronco) - 10% OFF (
  20. New Bronco Sport "Torture Test" TFL Off-Road Review

    We have to cut journalist like these a break. The BS is rewriting the definition of a soft roader. I knew it, when I read the specs the first time. The BS BL is too off road worth to be called a soft roader, but because it not on frame and it doesn't have a true locking diff, that the...