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  1. Theowlhoothoot

    Any Complaints so far?

    I think the seats and headrests suck compared to my Lexus. I just cannot get comfy on a long or short drive. Non major issues is the amount of dirt and shit that get stuck around the rear 3 windows and the amount of mud we somehow get on the panel behind the front two tires.
  2. Theowlhoothoot


    Just an FYI, assuming they are the premium ones, they are 250 a set from Ford and 200 a set from Levitown ford. I'm think 680 is the "installed price" so you may want to look at getting that cost back. That being said, I may be interested once you get them if the wife wants them.
  3. Theowlhoothoot

    White letters in or out? (BFG KO2)(TIRES)

    I would go black out unless your tire polish wont mess with the white letters.
  4. Theowlhoothoot

    Rubberized seat backs

    My BB came with the back seat snap on stuff, but I had to install it. They were laying in the back of the car when delivered.
  5. Theowlhoothoot

    'S' in Sport crooked...

    Time for a SPORT delete.
  6. Theowlhoothoot

    Ford pass reward points

    Don't worry mine dropped instantly after my cargo mat :( Now I only have 90 dollars left.
  7. Theowlhoothoot

    $500 for Accessories

    The mud flaps and rear cargo floor mat and my only two inputs unless you are wanting to get Yakima / Thule crossbars at an overpriced price. We have the rubber floors mats, cargo mat, and hoping to get the mud flaps soon as the car gets so dirty.
  8. Theowlhoothoot

    FYI - Just revealed/introduced - Ford Explorer 2021 Timberline

    Which is scientifically a better vehicle in most review cases....
  9. Theowlhoothoot

    FYI - Just revealed/introduced - Ford Explorer 2021 Timberline

    Man at that price why not just get a 4Runner.
  10. Theowlhoothoot

    New Kia Sorento x-line

    People can say whatever they want about Kia but my mind is stick in like 2009 when they were shit and use to sell them buy one get one free. Everyone who had one didn't have it for long....
  11. Theowlhoothoot

    Rough Country Nudge Bar now available

    Cancelled my order after getting it delayed another month yet again. Hope there are others that come out soon.
  12. Theowlhoothoot

    Ford pass reward points

    You registered the car with Ford Pass right? Ours took about 2 weeks.
  13. Theowlhoothoot

    Yakima Offgrid basket installed

    From my calculations the awning would create a tight fit as you could have about 1.5 inches left on a 53 inch crossbar from Thule on either side.
  14. Theowlhoothoot

    What do you use to clean the OEM rubber floor mats?

    I use my car wash foam sprayer and the power washer with the rinse tip.
  15. Theowlhoothoot

    Did some things tonight - Hood decal and the hood protector.

    I personally think the vinyl sticker looks cheap compared to the actual 3D emblem. For that price you could get three of them...
  16. Theowlhoothoot

    Did some things tonight - Hood decal and the hood protector.

    They sell a 3D blacked out one for 19.99 on amazon.
  17. Theowlhoothoot

    Ford pass reward points

    Mine never disappear and I used them again to buy something else with no issues.
  18. Theowlhoothoot

    Ford pass reward points

    You bring the parts over to service and pay there if you are using the ford pass points.
  19. Theowlhoothoot

    Ford Copilot 360

    Click the button on the left stick of your steering wheel to enable it. In the car menu you can turn on all of the assist functions.
  20. Theowlhoothoot

    Removing Ford emblem on rear lift gate - adhesive or guide pins?

    I always tell to dealer to either take it off before I sign or give me a discount on the car. The take it of 100% of the time with no questions asked.