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  1. Martinjv71

    Buying Out From Under You?

    How do you know a half a dozen people tried? Is that what the dealership told you?
  2. Martinjv71

    Bronco Sport production to be paused due to supply shortages

    My dealer has 8 of them lined up in front on display. None of them are close to what I am looking for, but they do have a few on the lot.
  3. Martinjv71

    White roof wrap.. what do you think about it?

    Just because Toyota does it doesn't mean a real SUV should.
  4. Martinjv71

    Did some things tonight - Hood decal and the hood protector.

    It does flow pretty nice like that...
  5. Martinjv71

    Windshield problem?

    Hope you haven't had it long. The dealer will not take responsibility if you have.
  6. Martinjv71

    Full Tech Spec Comparison vs the Competition

    Maybe so if your comparing it to tow capacity of a model 14 years ago. You don't sound like a potential customer, you sound like a Honda Rep. Anyone looking at the Broncos would put the Explorer in the same class as a Passport....Fully Loaded Bronco- About $39K w/packages compared to at least...
  7. Martinjv71

    Bronco sport in production since Monday

    If it does, I will be calling Ford directly and go over dealers head. This dealer has been no help.
  8. Martinjv71

    Bronco sport in production since Monday

    It has had a VIN# with a date at the bottom right of 4/27, but the tracking site says "In Production".
  9. Martinjv71

    Waiting room

    That why it is so lousy as it showed going into production last week before the shut down.
  10. Martinjv71

    Waiting room

    You and I have been in the same damn boat.
  11. Martinjv71

    Bronco sport in production since Monday

    My vehicle shows as been "In Production" for over a week now.
  12. Martinjv71

    Waiting room

    Showing still as "In Production" now for over a week....This is getting old.
  13. Martinjv71

    Granger Ford here to answer your Bronco Sport questions

    Would you happen to know why the tracker has been stuck at "In Production" for over a week now, with no movement? I have looked at the other window stickers and they have moved much faster.
  14. Martinjv71

    LED bulbs for tail lights

    This whole thread is on that. Feel free to read.
  15. Martinjv71

    Did some things tonight - Hood decal and the hood protector.

    Way to Cloak it as a First Edition!!! Looks good. Surprised you didn't rebadge it also!
  16. Martinjv71

    New Kia Sorento x-line

    Get this Kia thread off of the Bronco forum. You cant even compare the two.
  17. Martinjv71

    FYI - Just revealed/introduced - Ford Explorer 2021 Timberline

    Because its a Toyota.............