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  1. davidg4781

    Texas Hill Country Overland Trip!!

    Alright, this is my first road trip. I’m staying at hotels so I’m not sure if this counts. I’m leaving San Marcos and going to Marble Falls. So backwards of almost all the guides. I washed it up, tires and oil are good. I picked up coffee, snacks, and I have water (2 gallons in the back...
  2. davidg4781

    Can I get a pic of the foam insert on the driver’s side quarter panel?

    I was washing my car yesterday (right before it rained 😑) and noticed there’s a foam piece inside the driver’s side quarter panel. It looked out of place so I checked the passenger side. This one was more upright. They’re not identical so I want to make sure it’s put where it should be. Can...
  3. davidg4781

    Ford Molle Bags Accessories?

    Has anyone bought the Molle Bag accessory from Ford? I'm looking for a molle pouch to keep some nitrile gloves. Does this happen to have a pouch that would work with that? It's kind of hard to tell how some of them work. I was looking at one on Amazon but thought I might pay a bit more and...
  4. davidg4781

    Let's see your rear or side window stickers!

    I've seen some BS pics on here with some cool or interesting window stickers. Here's a thread where you can show them off!
  5. davidg4781

    Texas Bronco Off-Roadeo Questions

    I signed up to attend the Bronco Off-Roadeo in Texas next month. Is there any advice on anything I should take or be prepared for? I was thinking of wearing jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, and taking a rain pullover. Would sneakers be ok? Do I need to pack snacks and water for the trails?
  6. davidg4781

    How do y'all clean your Big Bend seats?

    I have a couple of "stains" or something, I'm assuming overspray from when they detailed my car at the dealership. What do y'all use to clean your seats? Just water and a rag? They're kind of plasticy/rubbery feeling so would I use an interior cleaner like Armor All? They're in the back...
  7. davidg4781

    Did my first hand wash today.

    These are the products I used, minus the clay bar. I used the car wash in a foam canon then washed it with a mitt. The iron remover left a few purple spots but I started seeing some leak from the rear window after a rinse and during the wax process. I think it was from around the seal and I...
  8. davidg4781

    Molle Things

    What seat do you put your common Molle accessories? I ordered a Molle kit from Amazon that had a couple of bags. I stuffed some essentials (gloves, window defogger sponge, ice scraper 🤷🏻‍♂️). I thought of using the passenger side. That’s where I put my tire gauge and multi-tool since I can...
  9. davidg4781

    GoPro Mounts?

    Alright, I bought a GoPro. Maybe I am going through a midlife crisis? Either way... does anyone else have one and have a mounting solution besides a suction cup? I've always had bad luck with those. I didn't want to say this but whoever made that little tray holder that goes behind the...
  10. davidg4781

    What products are you using to clean/detail your Bronco Sport?

    Let's talk about what the maybe average person might use to clean/detail/maintain their Bronco Sport. I'm planning to do do some detailing this weekend and want to see what I should get. What are y'all using for the plastics in the interior? How about the clean easy Big Bend seats, maybe just...
  11. davidg4781

    Does anyone have a ProClip cell phone mount?

    I’ve used one in the past for maybe 8 years on my Accord until the mount broke. I’m just wondering how the location works out overall. My Accord’s was at eye level but I really want it just so my iPhone isn’t laying around. I’ve also toyed with the idea of getting a 1’ USB-C to Lightning...
  12. davidg4781

    Why does water splash back onto the hood?

    I tried searching and couldn't find anything. Hopefully I'm not the only one. But this is the first time I've ever seen something like this. I noticed this first when I bought the BS. It rained sort of heavily about a week later. When I turned it on, water was splashing/ spitting onto the...
  13. davidg4781

    What are some good sites to order parts from?

    I was looking for the rubber second row seat backs for my BS. I remember going to an authorized Ford parts page that had them and even a few other accessories that are not on the standard site. But now I can't remember what site it was and those seat backs aren't on It...
  14. davidg4781

    Is Ford able to update the software to make things better?

    There are a couple of annoyances I have about the software in the BS. Is this something Ford can update or does already update when we do a Sync3 update? For example, if I'm cruising along I-10, ACC set at 75 mph and doing fine. Then the guy in front of me starts going 74. Then 72. Then 71...
  15. davidg4781

    What is that must have first accessory or mod you would suggest?

    Say your buddy bought a Bronco Sport. What is something you’ll tell them they just need to buy first?
  16. davidg4781

    How tightly sealed are the interiors... I've found a couple of bugs!

    I think it was last week, I got into my BS and there was a bug flying around. Fly, mosquito, can't remember, I didn't put my thought into it. I thought it was odd since it came from an opposite direction of my door. Tonight, I get in, and there's a roach crawling on my seat! I've seen them...
  17. davidg4781

    Where do you keep your Assistance Kits?

    My BS came with the Off-Road Assistance Kit and I'm not sure where to store it. Being a backpack, it's kind of big to just keep in the back. And really, I'm on-road more than I'm off-road. I might keep the good stuff under the back floor and everything else in the house. But I'm interested...
  18. davidg4781

    What did you own before your Bronco Sport?

    I've seen threads like this on other forums and didn't see one here. It can be interesting to see someone's vehicle progressions or all the interesting cars they've owned.
  19. davidg4781

    Doors not locking as I walk away?

    Maybe I missed a setting but I always felt the doors weren't locking when I walked away. I never heard the click and don't think there's a beep or honk. I tried it today. I had to go back to get something from my car and left my keys in the house. They should be far enough away to not...
  20. davidg4781

    Beaches in Corpus?

    Any good beaches to drive around in Corpus Christi or Flour Bluff?