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  1. retiredguy

    Eruption Green 2023 Bronco Sport first look

    Saw this color on a full size Bronco. When you look at it from an angle you can see gold flakes in the paint.
  2. retiredguy

    Ford Pass Points

    I had my points a few days after I took delivery.
  3. retiredguy

    Headed South

    Thanks for the well wishes. Looking forward to the good times ahead.
  4. retiredguy

    Headed South

    I have been a snowbird for the last 6 yrs. Sold my house in NJ and will live full time in Florida. Boarded the Auto train in Lorton, Va and making the 17 hr journey to Sanford, Fl. A new chapter begins.
  5. retiredguy

    Keep Looking

    Beautiful ride! Enjoy.
  6. retiredguy

    Ez Flares Installed

    Nice alternative for the Bushwacker flares. Lot cheaper too!!
  7. retiredguy

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Yes. Easy install.
  8. retiredguy

    Fully loaded Big Bend vs bare bones Badlands?

    I have a fully loaded BB and love it. Fully loaded and I added Katzin leather and I always get compliments on the Cactus Gray. Very happy with my ride.
  9. retiredguy


    I'd buy a Ford Plan instead of one of these other warranties.
  10. retiredguy

    Brought it home last night

    Best of luck with your new ride.
  11. retiredguy

    Kodiak brown build (so far)

    Nice! I just added a spoiler on my BB also.
  12. retiredguy

    Interior Trim Replacements

    I saw a FB post on 2021+ Bronco Sport Owners where an owner had the 4 doors wrapped in Blue for $250. A website was listed for the door trim but in carbon fiber
  13. retiredguy

    Sunroof Leak

    I have the sunroof in my '22 BB and no problems.
  14. retiredguy

    Ford Accessories

    Try Kevin at Fairway Ford, Good prices and shipping is usually discounted. They accept Ford Pass points.
  15. retiredguy

    Rough Country nudge bar installed

    Really looks good. Did a shop do the install?
  16. retiredguy

    Service Engine...already.

    Had the same issue on my Maverick. Took to dealer and they cleared the code. Tech says if it happens again, pull over, shut off the car, and restart.
  17. retiredguy

    Love my new Bronco emblem

    Looks good. Was this from Amazon?
  18. retiredguy

    We picked our Bronco Sport up today!

    Looks great. Enjoy your new ride!
  19. retiredguy

    Greetings from new Big Bend owner

    Great looking BS! Congrats.