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  1. Dude

    SYNC 3.4 Build 23088 (possibly is bogus and automatic updates might corrupt APIM)

    At this time I recommend you do not install SYNC Version 3.4 Build 23088 and recommend disabling automatic software updates to prevent the possibility that Build 23088 gets automatically installed. There maybe an issue with SYNC Version 3.4 Build 23088 (or with other updates) that may corrupt...
  2. Dude

    1.5L Engine: redesigned water pump with B suffix

    This is a duplicate post and I will request it be deleted. See the original post on this topic at: FYI Only: Ford released a redesigned water pump with the B suffix (prior version was the A suffix). Attached is...
  3. Dude

    Navigation Maps 2 21 Update reported to work over WiFi

    I updated my Nav Maps from 2 20 to 2 21 using a USB device in September 2022, followed by installing the Sync 3.4 22200 update ( did this Sync update via USB but could have used WiFi ). Now this Bronco Sport Badlands Facebook group (see pic) reports a few people that stated their Nav Maps...
  4. Dude

    Fan Speed Control: automatic fan speed reduction feature during voice sessions

    I have a 2022 Badlands, Premium Package with Dual Heater/AC Controls. I searched the forums for fan speed control and did not find my question answered. My question applies to the A/C (not to Heat control) and the reason I ask about fan speed control is that it is very hot where I live as much...