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  1. RiotfunK

    Brakes after TSB

    I had the rear brakes done a month back. And since then I’ve noticed that the rears will hold the vehicle in place even after shifting in gear. It used to move with just the idle. Now have to give it decent amount of gas to go forward before they pop free. Brakes hold isn’t on. The brakes have...
  2. RiotfunK

    Another BS issue

    Can add this to my list of nonstop shit on this thing that is failing or not working right. Ford already did tsb. But is only for rear brakes. Had them check the front, was told are fine. My front brakes don’t grab hard and have to push pedal all the way. Then I get this clang, vibration through...
  3. RiotfunK

    Roof rack and tire

    Just a psa so you don’t decapitate your ride. But if you have a roof basket and a tire you will definitely not fit in parking garages 7 feet and under. Mine is roughly 7’1”-7’3”. Even with just the basket is iffy. I find myself constantly having to find other parking options in metro areas. Hell...
  4. RiotfunK

    Rear sliding

    Seeing if anyone has had any similar issues. 22 badlands with 7k. On dry roads the rear ended feels bouncy over bumps which I just chalked it up to the vehicle since it’s always been that and same with the torque steer feeling when trying to pass people. It’s been aligned twice. Now we just got...
  5. RiotfunK

    Ford comparison, Build quality

    So I have a 22 BS BL and since I’ve had it the last 7ish months, it has been in the shop for one thing or another. It rattles, buzzes in the interior. Exterior panels fit and finish, paint are subpar. This is my first Ford vehicle, but second new vehicle in the last year that has been highly...
  6. RiotfunK

    Actual ground clearance

    Where does Ford actually measure from for determine ground clearance? I have the HRG lift and 245/65/17s and my lowest point is 9 3/4” on my BL. That’s the middle of the front bumper. Hub to fender front is 19.5” and rear is 20”. Seeing what others with same setup are getting. Trying to compare...
  7. RiotfunK

    Speaker upgrade with B&O stereo system

    I’ve been a strong proponent for this system that it is severely lacking. The issues I’ve had was at lower levels you’d get buzzing with any bass in volumes 6-14 and then anything above it would distort. If you opened the windows any vocals would literally go out the window. Making the system...
  8. RiotfunK

    Roof separating

    Anyone with a BS have the front part of the roof between the windshield and moonroof separating from the vehicle? My passenger side is warped and is peeling away from the molding and adhesive. Is like a good 12” of it is coming off. I’d be screwed if was winter here. Literally just left the shop...
  9. RiotfunK

    Constant rattle in roof

    So since I bought this I’ve gotten an intermittent rattle in the front of the moonroof to the a pillars. It used to happen when was below 30 degrees and now does it pretty much all the time but worse when under 60 degrees. Basically every morning, evening. I’m not sure if it’s the headliner...
  10. RiotfunK

    B&O this sounds terrible

    I’ve said it before that this system does not sound good. 22BS BL. The sound stage is odd af. Like the singer is in a field in front of you and band is behind you. It isn’t very pleasing to the ears audibly. No matter what setting, format, source etc it still sounds muted and muddled. Ford and...
  11. RiotfunK

    Bronco Sport review from body on frame guy.

    I’ve built Jeeps, taco, etc. So am used to body on frame setups and wheeling/Dailying those type of rides. My Taco got totaled last year so was looking at something in between SUV and a truck that was still capable. I never even looked at the baby broncos until I bought one. Was looking at...
  12. RiotfunK

    Need part number

    I need the part number for the rear bumper cover with the hitch cutout and sensors. Dealer murdered mine. Thanks
  13. RiotfunK

    This is gonna be an issue

    So the back wheel wells have pockets where the little stone guards attach that catches everything, and the back doors have pockets also. This is from normal driving, mud/stone is from unmaintained county crossover road. The pockets I have to remove the stone guards to actually clean out, and...
  14. RiotfunK

    Anyone go down in tire size

    I tossed on 245/70/17 and get good amount of rub on the pinch welds/seams. Full lock is ok, but any type of off camber really pushes into the welds. Am lifted also. After pulling the wheel liner I see that it has the factory tack welds are not far from the outer edge near the tire. I’ve trimmed...
  15. RiotfunK

    Holy price increase

    So grabbed a badlands today for good deal. So went ford’s build a vehicle and built one with the same options as I got and the sticker price went up 2400 bucks. What the shit is that.