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  1. Bluebaru

    Eibach Coil-Overs video

    The post was meant to provide information for the BS Forum community. I don't think the 265/65/17 will fit my Badlands, even with my 2" lift. I think the sizes that would be of the most interest are; 1. 245/75/16 MPN: 2227057 2. *** 245/65/17 MPN: 24552521 3. *255/65/17 MPN 24626006 4...
  2. Bluebaru

    Eibach Coil-Overs video

    I just got a message from Eibach. I seems they have prototype coilovers on a Maverick! Maybe by this time next year they will have coilovers available for the Sports? Also interesting that they put the new Milestar Patagonia A/T Pro tires on it. I asked @Discount Tire about them earlier but...
  3. Bluebaru

    What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Canyon Rim Road? How was the wash out? I was in Wolf Den Run State Park in western Md. not far from there 2 week ago. I still want to hit Canyon Rim and Canaan Loop Rd sometime this year.
  4. Bluebaru

    New tires, new pressure?

    No I haven't, I just double checked them and they are evenly worn at between 12.5 and 13/32" with 9,000 miles on them, so I'm getting about 3K miles per 1/32" Also I'm airing them down, on the trails to 24-26psi. I used the Tire Pressure calculator, posted many places, on this site and...
  5. Bluebaru

    New tires, new pressure?

    Same tires I have. I run 29-31 psi, cold pressure.
  6. Bluebaru

    Off Road, interest check in

    I posted this in the in the Mid-Atlantic regional section for just that reason. I had previously posted some things in the Off-Roading / Overlanding Forum and gone so far a messaging a few people that expressed an interest, in going off road, elsewhere on the Forum, about possible places to go...
  7. Bluebaru

    Off Road, interest check in

    Anyone here actually interested in taking their BS Off Road? If so, please check in here. I've been to many places in Va. and don't mind leading or joining others. For the more hard core, I'd like to get to Wolf Den Run State Park, in western Md. and AOAA in Pa.
  8. Bluebaru

    Mods required to turn the Sport BL into a respectable offroader?

    The KO2's weigh 45 lbs according to BFG's site, 44.? on TR's site and 34.6 on @Discount Tire , which they need to correct. They are however and excellent choice for off road out west, where you may have to deal with long thorns. Back east here, I'll stick with my Mickey Thompson Baja Boss...
  9. Bluebaru

    Interesting comparison video of Bronco Sport vs BRONCO: "I Paid $5,000 More for a Bronco with Less Features"

    For those of you who might be thinking about upgrading(?)(I'm not) check this out. I wonder what the true cost is to match feature to feature, when upgrading to the capabilities of the Big Bronco .
  10. Bluebaru

    JCR Sliders

    I'm Happy with my Flatout Gr Plus coilovers! Do your research! Be prepared to deal with any problems. If you don't have experience installing coilovers, in general, and know what to do about those general problems, then I Highly suggest you get someone that does have that experience and...
  11. Bluebaru

    More Utility, Less Sport

    Kinetic energy rope, Stump lost if you did a good job of cutting the roots.
  12. Bluebaru

    Cut my bumper, a new way to cut!

    As he is in Brazil. I suspect this is in Portuguese but as I don't speak that or Spanish, I will just address the why he is doing this, based on my background (other than just YouTube likes) in some off-roading with the Subaru community and 30 years of Auto experience. In the Autocross world...
  13. Bluebaru

    Water crossing success stories?

    I’ve been in 20+ inches and had no problems, though I do have a 2” lift.
  14. Bluebaru

    New A/T Tires of Interest: Falken & MileStar Wildpeak R/T and Patagonia A/T Pro

    There are two new A/T tires on or coming to market soon that may be of interest to the more serious off-Roaders out there. Sometime last year (?) Falken brought to market the Wildpeak R/T, a hybrid tire, between their Mud Terrain and the Wildpeak A/T3W. Although no sizes currently exist that...
  15. Bluebaru

    Bald Mtn/Big levels off road video

    I'm headed there this Thursday or Friday. This is a video some of my Subaru friends shot 3 years ago. It's trail rated a 5, on onX Offroad. At least it's supposed to be much drier for our trip, thankfully, as we will be camping in the area both nights and doing both this trail and some...
  16. Bluebaru

    Tire Comparison

    It's funny that I had looked at this video when it first came out and again earlier today but he is not a fan of Hankook tires in general. That said, it's predecessor, the AT2 tested very poorly, in Tire Racks tests. This is an improved design and I love the updated sidewall design and it has...
  17. Bluebaru

    Stiffer rear springs?

    In addition to the above suggestion, there are a couple more options. #1. There are a couple of companies that make springs intended to lift the entire car. You could get one of those Spring Lift kits and just install the rear springs. These seem to lift about 1-1.3" #2. Flatout coilovers...
  18. Bluebaru

    Best A/T tire for you? Video

    I just found this on YouTube. It has some interesting details about the Falken Wildpeak A/T 3W and covers the BFG KO2, as well. In reading the comments, he reviews the Nokian Outpost AT, there, as well.
  19. Bluebaru

    Favorite Offroading Nav App

    I have to thank both of you. I just signed up for OnX and from everything I read it’s a better choice out west than back east but Gaia is probably a better choice, overall once you start paying the $20-40 a year but it hadn’t even crossed my mind to try to display them on the 8” navigation...
  20. Bluebaru

    Regular Lead-Acid or AGM Battery?

    Here is an updated version of how to properly charge your Battery on a Ford with the BMS system. mine, on the charger