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  1. davidb1841

    We Pause (Memorial Day)

    Monday in the USA is "Memorial Day".....and as a reminder to ain't a celebration. This is when America remembers those who died defending freedom. Our brothers and sisters who did not come home, who did not get to see there parents ever again, who left their lives unfinished, or...
  2. davidb1841

    Snorkel for Bronco Sport

    Lets say your Laptop is a Military Grade hardened tough book, like the ones I use at work. It cost 3 Grand. You gonna drag it thru the mud on a camping trip to a rain forest?? No...of course not! Now lets say your laptop cost 30 THOUSAND dollars.......Yea NOW I am gonna drag it thru...
  3. davidb1841

    So here’s a really dumb question for y’all.

    When your Bronco is hanging off a cliff and you fall out on to the fender.... Its a hand hold so you can climb back in ....just before you go over the edge!
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    On my 2014 F150 it came with Pirelli's...first thing we did was replace them. They are terrible in the rain....common knowledge even back then. My BFG Trail-Terrains have been excellent.
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    What products are you using to clean/detail your Bronco Sport?

    Turtle wax ICE and then a coat of Maguires gold class Carnuba on the paint. Then I just keep layering ICE / Maguires every other month or so. Car always looks great......
  7. davidb1841

    Snorkel for Bronco Sport

    Yes, I for one am for staying on topic. Now, does anyone know who makes that parachute for the Bronco Sport??
  8. davidb1841

    1st Road trip in 22 BSBB.

    From Buffalo myself, miss it a lot, the North Carolina weather more however!
  9. davidb1841

    What are your hobbies?

    I owned one of these "Baja Bugs" in 1980. It also was blue. The pads on the rear fender were required because the front tires sand blasted the paint there. Traded it on a Subaru which I have regretted for 40 years!
  10. davidb1841

    Average age of a Bronco Sport owner

    I have to admit....I saw all three original Star Wars the theatre...on their first run. I also watched he original Star Trek TV Show in the 60's before there were re-runs....... So I am in one of the last categories.....:(
  11. davidb1841

    What are your hobbies?

    I lose, and I am instantly Jealous! :crying:
  12. davidb1841

    What are your hobbies?

    My new house on several acres (yard work, garden); Road Bike's (used to be MTN Bikes); shooting/guns; our 2 GSD's (WOOF); My F250 Tremor and Bronco Sport (and the Forums); My Wife Paints (Water Color); The military (which is also our work); the Beach (North Carolina has great uncrowded...
  13. davidb1841

    Bronco Sport Overheating when Offroad?

    Honestly if your going to push your 4wheeler hard enough to overheat it, a BS is not the vehicle for you. A Subaru or Bronco sport were designed for poor roads and poor road conditions. They were not designed for OFF-Roading. That's what a Bronco was designed for....that is why it has a body...
  14. davidb1841

    Kanati TrailHog A/T 245/70/17 tires mounted and I'm happy with the results.

    For anyone considering new tires......Been buying tires for a long time...... Here is my advise: American factories produce good tires, (Goodyear, Cooper, Mickey Thompson) European also good (Michelin). Japan also very good (Bridgestone/Firestone). So the RV industry is famous for using...
  15. davidb1841

    New Bronco Sport trimline - the covered by warranty

    I have a suggestion, Trade it in for a FIAT anything and enjoy owning the worst built vehicles in the free world. Then join a Fiat forum.......
  16. davidb1841

    Why does water splash back onto the hood?

    Same here....I also have an F250 and a BS.......same hood water too....which does not concern me.....
  17. davidb1841

    New tires installed: BFG Trail-Terrain T/A

    In my Tremor forum we call that Bambi mode on the fog light w/HBeams......
  18. davidb1841

    Digital speedometer

    OMG, get out of the left lane, get off your phone, start looking out of your windshield and not in your cabin............