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  1. Bato001

    High Rock Bay

    Nice pics
  2. Bato001

    Roll call for tri state

    23 Badlands in Morris County NJ. Bought right off the showroom floor after test driving a 2 door Big Bronco then Badlands. Was a no brainer for me and its by far my favorite vehicle since my Wrangler back in 1995.
  3. Bato001

    Swap Instrument Cluster in Big Bend

    I didnt know there were different speedometer panels for different trims but when I googled it turns out there are already 2 or 3 similar threads here on this exact subject.
  4. Bato001

    Interesting comparison video of Bronco Sport vs BRONCO: "I Paid $5,000 More for a Bronco with Less Features"

    I asked Trail Militia to do an offroad show down: Bronco Sport Badlands vs Bronco Base and they are looking into it. You guys should check out their youtube channel it has a couple Bronco Sport specific vids.
  5. Bato001

    Graphics Packages

    I like it.
  6. Bato001

    OK. What is this thing on the instrument panel?

    Oh Geez Rick. Now I feel stupid for wondering the same thing. Lol. Thank you as that has been driving me crazy!!!
  7. Bato001

    What did you own before your Bronco Sport?

    77 Ford Mustang 82 Datsun 310 Fast back 86 Ford Escort 1995 Jeep Wrangler Rio Grande lifted with nerf bars 1998 Honda Passport 2001 Ford Sport Trac 2004 Honda Ridgeline 2014 Honda Ridgeline 2023 Ford Bronco Sport Badlands Hot pepper red