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  1. greengrass47

    Satisfied with this car and looking forward to the future

    I want to say I have no complaints. Last year I was trying to weigh my options as a single traveling college student. I spend a lot of time in the outdoors whether it's hunting/fishing/etc and wanted something I could go just about realistically anywhere in comfortably. I really had to push...
  2. greengrass47

    Who has the highest mileage on their bronco Sport

    Just hitting 18,000 since last June. When hunting season starts coming back in September I'll put on another 15,000. Love this car.
  3. greengrass47

    Playing in the sand

    That's a gorgeous picture!!
  4. greengrass47

    Why does water splash back onto the hood?

    I just realized I've always noticed this and never thought of it until I read your post.
  5. greengrass47

    New tires installed: BFG Trail-Terrain T/A

    That looks awesome! I love that camper as well.
  6. greengrass47

    New tires installed: BFG Trail-Terrain T/A

    I’ve got a 1.5” level kit on it. I’ve read that 245/65/17s will fit stock height as well however.
  7. greengrass47

    New tires installed: BFG Trail-Terrain T/A

    Thank you! I’m very satisfied!
  8. greengrass47

    New tires installed: BFG Trail-Terrain T/A

    Needed tires badly and do a good amount of highway driving then a bit of off-road during the fall months. I think the KO2s look great and the white letters are classic but I couldn’t justify all the mpg drop I was reading, plus weight. I also didn’t want to buy anything solely based on looks...
  9. greengrass47

    New decal to honor next year's Super Bowl winners!

    Hard to dislike this!
  10. greengrass47

    Added interior ambient lighting

    That looks great. How's it holding up all these months later? I remember the lights in the cupholders and being on parts of the leather trim, they either looked funky or amazing.
  11. greengrass47

    Let's Post our Deer Crash Pics!

    That is wild! Don't worry though, I'll get revenge for you this coming November.
  12. greengrass47

    Ford Dealer Wants $75K For $46K Bronco Sport Heritage Edition

    I really believe that this should be illegal. I struggle to find any way to justify these insane markups.
  13. greengrass47

    Tow hooks

    You're wanting to remove them and all I'm wanting is tow hooks! Badlands problems, huh? :cwl:
  14. greengrass47

    Big Bend stock height with BFGoodrich 245/65/17. The beginnings of making this into what I want.

    Are those cross bars from Harbor Freight? I looked at a few different brands but couldn't accept the price so these were a cheap alternative and I use them frequently.
  15. greengrass47

    My 1st mod!!! 25th ID and my whop wings

    I was not. I was actually stationed at JBLM in Washington state, with 2SBCT. If I'm not mistaken there are 2-3 Bridages of 2ID at JBLM while the rest is all in Korea. We actually fell under command of 7th ID. It took me a while to be able to accurately understand this because I have met people...
  16. greengrass47

    Interior fishing rod hanging ideas?

    I suppose it’s a Big Bend thing, but I only have 2 handles. A pair by the front seat and a pair by the back seat which leaves a lot of room with nothing on the inside roof. If I had a 3rd in the back it would be problem solved. I have my backseats laid down and am building a deck that will go...
  17. greengrass47

    Removing level kit for lift?

    I have a 1" leveling kit on my Big Bend and have thoughts of getting rid of it for a lift. Please give me reasons why I don't need to or shouldn't.
  18. greengrass47

    Interior fishing rod hanging ideas?

    Would you mind posting a picture?
  19. greengrass47

    Interior fishing rod hanging ideas?

    Appreciate the suggestion. I have seen that one before, the only thing I dislike is a few of my rods don't break down. I've got a 6'6" Falcon bass rod and a few others that are just one piece.
  20. greengrass47

    How much I’ve come around in the BS

    3 of the same car! I've only seen something similar a few years ago. The neighbors had 2 Mini Coopers. Their son was leaving for college and you can guess which vehicle they got him. All 3 of those things in their driveway looked hilarious. As long as y'all like them then why not?