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  1. CableXJ

    Escape Shark Fin on a BS

    Anyone tried swapping a Ford escape shark fin antenna onto a bronco sport? Did it work?
  2. CableXJ

    Where is the Manitoba Off Rodeo?

    I see lots of Bronco Sports around Winnipeg and rurally. Why don’t we have an event?
  3. CableXJ

    New way to save fuel!

    I use the adaptive cruise set to 2 car lengths, get behind another vehicle (The bigger the better.) and magically improve my mpg by at least 2 to 3. I love technology.
  4. CableXJ

    A bit confused by this.

    What the heck does this mean?
  5. CableXJ

    What’s your favourite non-Ford part you’ve added to your BS?

    Mine has to be the console insert. I liked mine so much I got one for my GF’s Escape.
  6. CableXJ

    Clever little details.

    Am I the only BS owner impressed by all the little details that Ford got right on the Bronco Sport? The bag clips in the back? The handy pockets on the inboard sides of the front seat? The foam inserts under the back spate cover? Ford seems to have put a lot of thought into the little details.