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  1. So here’s a really dumb question for y’all.

    All of the front/rear turns are clearly visible from the sides also. (There rears are so large I can't help think signal mirrors wouldn't just be redundant.) This is just a fake vent styling cue similar to the ones on almost all new Ford pickups.
  2. 2023 Ford Escape Active (?)

    The old-style console stick shifter was always in the way -- we just didn't know it until they replaced it with a far more convenient dial. My last mistake to eradicate was grabbing the G.O.A.T. mode dial instead of the shift dial.
  3. Issue with putting car in Park

    I know mine beeps like this when parked, engine running, and I open the door.
  4. If you didn't order, why did you pick your color/trim/options

    Mid-winter 2021 I was shopping smaller SUVs and stumbled on a dealer mannequin Sport w/Badlands package and every other option save the "steelies" and tires on the lot. Offered at below invoice, provided I would let them put 4,000 mi. on it first AND wait the 4 mos. required. These were...
  5. Ford eliminating AM radio

    You're OK with because you've got yours -- what will you do once it's gone (i.e. in your next vehicle, if that's a Ford)? Or does your phone get AM?
  6. Ford eliminating AM radio

    Ridiculous, and hard to believe. The BIGGEST station in my town (it has an interstate and international audience) is AM, and I listen for a bit in my drivetime almost every day. AND on longer trips when and where other local stations are first to go out-of-range. Not much is as annoying as the...
  7. Moonroof front edge rubber seal coming off?

    Anybody notice their rubber seal attached to the body, along the leading edge of the moonroof glass panel, coming detached? It looks like it's supposed to be adhered to the back edge of that little narrow, steel (painted) body panel that runs between the windshield and the moonroof. It should, I...
  8. Hood Vibration Flapping Bouncing

    Mine went from a very slight occasional flexing at speed to a quite noticeable and noisy rattling with the Aeroskin II installed. Can hardly wait to try out the fuel line hose-into-the-rear-hood-seal solution. It's that bad, I'll want to remove the deflector if that doesn't fix it.
  9. [POLL] Speedometer Squabble!

    I honestly don't notice the analog speedo dial -- I'm watching the digital, and the tach.
  10. Why does water splash back onto the hood?

    I find it amusing and like to point it out to passengers when I can. I've always assumed it was some sort of pressure gradient between the front/leading edge, and the top surface of the hood.
  11. Need More Cup Holders

    I don't think everybody has the rear armrest that has the 2 more in the back...? BUT there are also four more -- 1 molded into each door panel pocket.
  12. Locking my BS with the keypad does not lock the tailgate.

    Even better, and apparently the latest on that -- just push the tailgate button on the fob 2x to restore the intelligent access at the tailgate to normal operation (allows tailgate access to a fully locked vehicle so long as you have the fob on you).
  13. Cylinder activation/deactivation

    "...both direct fuel injection and a port fuel injection..." I wish the 2.0L had this feature -- it's something they're bring out as advanced/improved feature now, e.g. in the bigger 6/8 cyl engines (I'd have to re-check which).
  14. AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    Thanks for the tip. "The liquid primer dries in 30 to 90 seconds for fast and efficient application – once dry, it is ready to accept the attachment tape. ... The adhesion promoter can also be cleaned from most surfaces using MEK or acetone solvents." So, it is an additional bonding surface...
  15. More Utility, Less Sport

    Nice Watch5 Pro.
  16. AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    All understood, but what does it actually do? "Promote adhesion" is a little vague.
  17. AEROSKIN II deflectors are they worth it?

    The ASII deflector really disrupts the air for a pretty turbulent flow over/around the hood. Easily seen using the windshield washers at speed, it goes everywhere and splashes back over the hood at times. The hood now jumps, flexes, and chatters going down the highway. On top of it all, the...
  18. Auto Stop / Start not working

    True, one of the things (?) the other poster's list above omits -- IIRC the G.O.A.T. mode selected must not be in any of the "off-road" modes (Mud and Ruts, Sand, Rock Crawl), it is, auto start stop will be disabled.
  19. Clever little details.

    All of the G.O.A.T modes EXCEPT ONE have a little persistent emblem in the dash -- for M&R, Sport, Eco, RC, Slippery, Sand -- but nothing for Normal Mode! Ford really missed their big chance to stick that Bronco figure in there (it's there when you select Normal though -- just not in the dash...
  20. Clever little details.

    I've always wondered what all this legroom is wanted for, especially in the back? Costumes? Fancy gown? Riding around with legs crossed? It is confining/claustrophobic -- you can't move around or do anything but sit -- but there's just enough room for that. No lounging though.