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  1. baja_bob

    Fuel Injector Recall Limited Kits

    The NHTSA is only concerned with the possibility of a vehicle fire, would you accept duct tape as a reviewed and accepted solution? I just think Ford is obligated to fix a leaky injector not redirect the fuel somewhere else.
  2. baja_bob

    Fuel Injector Recall Limited Kits

    The leaking fuel goes on the floor of your garage or into the ground, either way it's still a fire hazard or an environmental hazard. Nice (and cheap) fix Ford.
  3. baja_bob

    Interior noise when window open

    With all the technology that goes into today's vehicles they still can't get rid of this annoying issue. OEM's had a choice, add crash avoidance system or eliminate thumping noise, ha ha
  4. baja_bob

    Transmission oil life question...

    I think that some of Ford's recommended service intervals are too long/too many miles in between. Even with advanced lubricants and fluids there is still wear and tear from every day driving, and there is nowhere for debris to go but back into the bearings and tight tolerances, a filter can...
  5. baja_bob

    Transmission oil life question...

    At least the plugs on the Sport should be easy to change, 3 or 4 cylinders, would you change the coil packs along with the plugs?
  6. baja_bob

    Transmission oil life question...

    The suggestions in the manual seem far fetched on time between maintenance, 150,000 miles in between oil changes on anautomatic transmission with no changeable filter, there's no where for metal shavings and clutch debris to go but out of the drain plug. Will these transmissions even last that...
  7. baja_bob

    Transmission oil life question...

    Would you take the original spark plugs to 100,000 miles? That's one thing i wouldn't mind changing a little early, around 75K miles. Definitely wouldn't go past on the timing belt, if I keep it that long.
  8. baja_bob

    Transmission oil life question...

    Hi all, I was looking for a maintenance schedule for the essential fluids on the Bronco Sport, I found one on the forum but it was from Ford Canada. All the mileages listed were in kilometers and it said to change trans fluid at 80,000 Km, which translates to almost 50,000 miles (49,709...
  9. baja_bob

    Recall 22S73 2021-2023 Bronco Sport 1.5L Fuel Injector Issue

    I haven't noticed any loss of power or change in gas mileage, under the hood there was a slight (normal) smell of gas that would come from an engine that has just been driven 50 miles and turned off. The gas smell seems to come and go, not an everyday occurrence and was told by the dealer it...
  10. baja_bob

    Windshield Chips

    A truck in front of me launched a rock off his tire the size of a large marble, I saw it coming as it got closer and it hit the bottom driver side corner and left a 3 inch circular impact mark. Luckily it hit the glass and not the outer frame, the windshield already has several cracks
  11. baja_bob

    1.5 Dragon Miles

    I am currently at 61,000 on my '21 BB, gonna get the transmission and drive unit flushed at next oil change.
  12. baja_bob

    Recall 22S73 2021-2023 Bronco Sport 1.5L Fuel Injector Issue

    I have smelled gas a couple of times during the last month and have checked the top of the engine around injectors and fuel rail but it is still clean and dry. I notified my dealer and was told it took them 3 months to receive the first batch of repair parts and to call back in a month. Also...
  13. baja_bob

    Coolant Level below minimum line

    I've had to add coolant a couple of times now, its been down close to the MIN level a few times in 60,000 miles.
  14. baja_bob

    Bronco Sport Big Bend 4x4 Test Review

    I could take a Honda Civic up those hills going that slow! Show us what a Bronco Sport can really do.
  15. baja_bob

    If you could buy only ONE accessory...

    A set of good off-road tires, regardless of size or brand, they make it look more rugged.
  16. baja_bob

    Eco mode

    I drive in eco mode when driving on the highway to work every day. I think there might be a small increase in gas mileage by decreasing the sensitivity of the gas pedal and by shifting to a higher gear sooner. I'll range between 29 to 31 MPG.
  17. baja_bob

    What made you buy the Bronco Sport?

    I first found the Bronco online and it was the big Bronco, went to the dealer asking about removable roofs and 2 doors like I saw in the ad, and was told it would be several months before they would be available. He had 5 or 6 sports on the lot, after a test drive I took it home, it has been 2...
  18. baja_bob

    UPDATE 104,000 miles on Badlands Bronco Sport

    Your Bronco got totaled from hitting a deer? It looks like minor damage in the photo, deer cross my path all the time where I live in Michigan, yikes!
  19. baja_bob

    Trouble free mileage?

    Trouble-free for 61,000 miles so far.
  20. baja_bob

    Long distance travel with the 1.5L BS

    I haven't really taken mine on any long trips but I have racked up 60,000 miles in two short years driving it to work and back daily.