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  1. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    Please! With all due respect… Ridiculous!! A 22 fired at your windshield would not ( tink ) like a pebble. Yes it would likely crack or go right through…
  2. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    It’s not about following close.. it’s about cheap glass! You’ve been lucky but I hate to break it to you… pun intended!
  3. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    Just wait… this thread will ring in your ears when you hear the tiny little tink of the smallest little pebble that leaves a nice little star for you to admire in front of your face. Just wait it’s coming!
  4. My experiences with my 2022 Bronco Sport Badlands after 1 year and 11,100 miles

    The seats are probably great if you are 5’5” however if you are 6’2” @ 250lbs it’s like travelling on a bar stool. After the windshield glass, this is number 2 on my list of dislikes! If you have not had a crack in your your windshield yet.. it’s coming!
  5. 2023 Bronco Sport Heritage Edition - Reviews Are Here!

    Hopefully they improved the windshield.
  6. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    Never once did I say rock, I said tiny pebble!
  7. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    That’s quite a list… like I said, I never experienced this problem before and I drive a lot. Maybe it is due to the manufacturer cutting back and providing a cheaper less durable product. All I know is that the windshield on my beloved Bronco Sport is crap! It hurts me to say it! I always loved...
  8. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    I understand what you are saying about the raked back style windshield on a Fusion and yes it deflects debris better. The difference for me is like this… The thickness or quality of the glass is like an old school beer mug compared to the crystal wine glass of a windshield on my Bronco Sport...
  9. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    Not sure what roads you travel, but driving into Toronto in rush hour… there is no following distance. I do agree when you are able… not to follow to close.
  10. Bronco Sport Windshield Integrity

    I would like to start by saying that I have always been brand loyal to Ford. I always felt like I was driving a quality product. I followed the Bronco for 3 years before they appeared on the lots. In December of 2022 I purchased a Bronco Sport Big Bend. I was attracted to it’s rugged styling and...