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  1. Ford Molle Bags Accessories?

    There are a couple small bags which I'm sure would hold rolled up "surgical" type gloves. Other's are right -- you could find appropriate bags cheaper on Amazon. I bought mine in '21 right after picking up my BS; had points and decided to use them.
  2. Ford Molle Bags Accessories?

    Bought the ones from Ford . . . really like them. There are more bags in the pack than I could fit on the straps at one time, but gives you lots of options and the left overs make for good storage in w/spare tire. Also, if you have Ford points you can use them for the bags.
  3. Just another play time in the South of Brazil

    Congratulations, looks like "fun"! You are a far better man than I, Gunga Din.
  4. Just another play time in the South of Brazil

    You have to remember: Scorpions don't like mud, they will sting you every time! :giggle:
  5. Does your Bronco Sport honk at you?

    Should sound "chirps" if left running and door is swung shut and you move out of range, and, if set up, when you lock car with a door not properly shut. Check vehicle settings to see what's activated. If everything is right you may have a sensor telling the computer something's not right when it...
  6. We Pause (Memorial Day)

    Drink a toast to all our missing brothers and sisters, and say “Amen”. They gave their all for us — and gladly.
  7. Let's see your rear or side window stickers!

    I’m sortta’ with sleddog, haven’t seen any stickers I just gotta’ have — and I’ve been so drunk I didn’t know who I was, let alone where I was, but I was never drunk enough to get a tattoo (ex-Navy) 😎
  8. Molle Things

    No no nooooo! Bag is to store stuff, and NOT that kind of stuff. Wife just hates rain on her head — me not so much. Guess I could use the bag to hold a roll of TP though, thanks for the idea 💩👍🏼
  9. Molle Things

    There’s another molle thread on here someplace, but to answer your question, I store so much “crap” on the molle straps that I‘ve filled both seat backs . . . I love the straps! Driver’s seat: (2) “booney” hats tire gage bag of cheap tools for quick, little jobs Passenger seat: knife (2) rolls...
  10. What products are you using to clean/detail your Bronco Sport?

    Okay, here it is from another old guy . . . I paste wax it spring and fall (whatever that means in SoCal), using whatever I have (Meguir’s, ICE, Turttle Wax Emerald, etc.). In between I just get best wash/wax combo at local car wash. Inside I‘ve been using Giroit’s on the leather, and some self...
  11. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! ?

    Rhel, and all others new to the forum — welcome, and good luck with your Sports.
  12. Say Hello and Introduce Yourself! ?

    Glad to have you aboard, Marcelo, and good luck with your Sport.
  13. BS Badlands 2021 - Power Train Warranty

    During first service, I asked dealer about rental car coverage. He said rental coverage only came w/Ford extended warranties. I immediately contacted Granger Ford and bought extended warranty (was going to get one anyway). I would contact warranty “800” number again, and verify reimbursement...
  14. What did you do TO your Bronco Sport today?

    Too bad, I really thought you had it!
  15. Special Field Action 22L05 Outraged!!!! .........NOT!!!!!

    They’re waiting for more EV’s to be registered before making the name change!
  16. How many members here are Married?

    Amen, brother, Amen!
  17. How many members here are Married?

    Held off answering this one for a while, but here goes . . . married to first wife (second love -- first one a wash), married 45 years. They've been great years as opposites attract.
  18. Special Field Action 22L05 Outraged!!!! .........NOT!!!!!

    Haven't gotten a new sticker yet -- now I'm afraid to drive my Sport, expecting a visit from CARB (Calif Air Resources Board) at any moment to haul me away for my lawless ways. Update: Whew! My sticker arrived today. I managed the installation myself, and can now drive freely in my neighborhood...